Dombey and Son (version 3)

Read by Hamlet

(4.8 stars; 20 reviews)

To Paul Dombey, the business is everything, and he must have a son who will learn the business and eventually inherit it. Will his newborn, but sickly son be the fulfillment of his hopes and dreams? And what about his daughter Florence, who made the mistake of being born a girl? - Summary by Brad Filippone (34 hr 20 min)


Dombey and Son 27:51 Read by Hamlet
In which Timely Provision is made for an Emergency that will sometimes arise in… 27:57 Read by Hamlet
In which Mr Dombey, as a Man and a Father, is seen at the Head of the Home-Depa… 26:41 Read by Hamlet
In which some more First Appearances are made on the Stage of these Adventures 28:19 Read by Hamlet
Paul's Progress and Christening 44:21 Read by Hamlet
Paul's Second Deprivation 47:03 Read by Hamlet
A Bird's-eye Glimpse of Miss Tox's Dwelling-place: also of the State of Miss To… 14:13 Read by Hamlet
Paul's Further Progress, Growth and Character 50:33 Read by Hamlet
In which the Wooden Midshipman gets into Trouble 29:35 Read by Hamlet
Containing the Sequel of the Midshipman's Disaster 30:29 Read by Hamlet
Paul's Introduction to a New Scene 34:18 Read by Hamlet
Paul's Education 42:14 Read by Hamlet
Shipping Intelligence and Office Business 29:44 Read by Hamlet
Paul grows more and more Old-fashioned, and goes Home for the Holidays 57:25 Read by Hamlet
Amazing Artfulness of Captain Cuttle, and a new Pursuit for Walter Gay 33:06 Read by Hamlet
What the Waves were always saying 13:19 Read by Hamlet
Captain Cuttle does a little Business for the Young People 25:34 Read by Hamlet
Father and Daughter 43:25 Read by Hamlet
Walter goes away 28:47 Read by Hamlet
Mr Dombey goes upon a Journey 33:37 Read by Hamlet
New Faces 24:28 Read by Hamlet
A Trifle of Management by Mr Carker the Manager 44:02 Read by Hamlet
Florence solitary, and the Midshipman mysterious 51:47 Read by Hamlet
The Study of a Loving Heart 25:48 Read by Hamlet
Strange News of Uncle Sol 20:41 Read by Hamlet
Shadows of the Past and Future 37:53 Read by Hamlet
Deeper Shadows 41:34 Read by Hamlet
Alterations 23:46 Read by Hamlet
The Opening of the Eyes of Mrs Chick 29:54 Read by Hamlet
The Interval before the Marriage 36:30 Read by Hamlet
The Wedding 41:26 Read by Hamlet
The Wooden Midshipman goes to Pieces 42:33 Read by Hamlet
Contrasts 31:52 Read by Hamlet
Another Mother and Daughter 27:35 Read by Hamlet
The Happy Pair 31:03 Read by Hamlet
Housewarming 31:27 Read by Hamlet
More Warnings than One 28:55 Read by Hamlet
Miss Tox improves an Old Acquaintance 22:06 Read by Hamlet
Further Adventures of Captain Edward Cuttle, Mariner 41:15 Read by Hamlet
Domestic Relations 40:31 Read by Hamlet
New Voices in the Waves 26:59 Read by Hamlet
Confidential and Accidental 39:06 Read by Hamlet
The Watches of the Night 22:49 Read by Hamlet
A Separation 22:09 Read by Hamlet
The Trusty Agent 20:59 Read by Hamlet
Recognizant and Reflective 29:55 Read by Hamlet
The Thunderbolt 49:31 Read by Hamlet
The Flight of Florence 27:36 Read by Hamlet
The Midshipman makes a Discovery 42:01 Read by Hamlet
Mr Toots's Complaint 40:55 Read by Hamlet
Mr Dombey and the World 20:53 Read by Hamlet
Secret Intelligence 33:39 Read by Hamlet
More Intelligence 38:05 Read by Hamlet
The Fugitives 26:12 Read by Hamlet
Rob the Grinder loses his Place 30:31 Read by Hamlet
Several People delighted, and the Game Chicken disgusted 55:00 Read by Hamlet
Another Wedding 20:20 Read by Hamlet
After a Lapse 40:05 Read by Hamlet
Retribution 50:18 Read by Hamlet
Chiefly Matrimonial 30:54 Read by Hamlet
Relenting 33:34 Read by Hamlet
Final 15:10 Read by Hamlet


(5 stars)

Another score for the reader Hamlet. Again I find myself lost in the words of Dickens. Each character has its own voice, matching his or her description very well. Clearly and seamlessly read!

Portrait of a Dysfunctional Family

(4 stars)

Dombey Senior, cold, dignified, and distant to everyone, pins all his hopes on his son and ignores his daughter. When he cannot ignore her, he's emotionally abusive. She yearns for his love, believing there's something wrong in herself that causes her father to not love her. Nicely read by Brad Filippone. If Mil Nicholson's version is too slowly read for you, Brad's your narrator. He keeps things moving without going too fast. The proof-listener missed several repeats throughout the story, which is a shame. If a future listener would note the chapters and times of the repeats, I'm sure the reader would be grateful for the help.

(5 stars)

Hamlet does an excellent job on this book; he is very articulate and reads expressively. As for Dombey and Son, I would certainly recommend reading this story of how a father and daughter were far apart in spirit but over time were graciously reunited.

Well done!

(5 stars)

This guy does a fantastic job, even to the point of doing different voices for the various characters! The only complaint I have is his frequent mispronunciation of “ingenuous” as “ingenious.” (Their meanings are opposite.) otherwise he’s great!

(5 stars)

I looked forward to listening to this book many evenings. If I could give it ten stars I would. Thanks to Hamlet for reading this book. Your portrayal of characters like Captain Cuttle, Major B and Susan was wonderful!

Terrible father

(5 stars)

rereading Dickens makes me wonder about how his mind works... evil is evil but good can and often does prevail! He has no way to atonement...but the reader has a great voice!!

(5 stars)

I love dickens and had never heard of this book. now it's my second favorite of his work.

Great emotion!

(5 stars)

Great reader with a clear voice for each character. Lovely book by Mr. Dickenson.