Chinese Poetry in English Verse (古今詩選)

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Dear Land of Flowers, forgive me! -- that I took
These snatches from thy glittering wealth of song,
And twisted to the uses of a book
Strains that to alien harps can na'er belong.

Thy gems shine purer in their native bed
Concealed, beyond the pry of vulgar eyes;
And there, through labyrinths of language led,
The patient student grasps the glowing prize.

Yet many, in their race toward other goals,
May joy to feel, albeit at second-hand,
Some far faint heart-throb of poetic souls
Whose breath makes incense in the flowery Land.

Introductory poem by H.A.G.
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Bela leitura, fresca, serena e com excelente dicção.

Very nice

(5 stars)

Thank you reader for an excellent reading

Heart touching poetry

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Excellent reader... love your voice!