Afternoon Songs

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This is a volume of poems by Julia Caroline Dorr, part 5 of her collected poems. - Summary by Carolin (2 hr 7 min)


Four O'Clocks 1:28 Read by Domenica Campbell
A Dream of Songs Unsung 10:58 Read by Sarah Sellari
Questioning a Rose 1:49 Read by Jael Baldwin
The Fallow Field 3:06 Read by GregShinn
Out and In 1:12 Read by GregShinn
Her Flowers 1:46 Read by Jael Baldwin
Three Laddies 1:43 Read by Jael Baldwin
Summer 1:24 Read by SkyAlbatross
Thornless Roses 1:27 Read by SkyAlbatross
Treasure-Ships 1:46 Read by Rachel
Choosing 1:33 Read by SkyAlbatross
Not Mine 3:03 Read by Ezwa
The Chamber of Silence 4:24 Read by Larry Wilson
Three Roses 1:15 Read by SkyAlbatross
Four Letters 2:25 Read by Jael Baldwin
Valdemar 15:17 Read by Michele Fry
Jubilate! 1:14 Read by Jael Baldwin
Easter Lilies 1:42 Read by Larry Wilson
'O, Wind that Blows out of the West' 1:51 Read by Jael Baldwin
A Summer Song 1:27 Read by Lana Maes
The Urn 1:26 Read by SkyAlbatross
The Parson's Daughter 3:55 Read by Jael Baldwin
March Fourth, 1881-1882 1:36 Read by Jael Baldwin
Roy 1:17 Read by dane hendren
The Painter's Prayer 1:00 Read by Larry Wilson
From Exile 4:51 Read by Jael Baldwin
A Mother-Song 4:16 Read by Ezwa
Easter Morning 4:28 Read by Larry Wilson
Sealed Orders 2:05 Read by Jael Baldwin
An Anniversary 3:27 Read by Ezwa
Martha 1:01 Read by Jael Baldwin
The Hour 1:12 Read by Newgatenovelist
The Closed Gate 2:04 Read by Diana Schmidt
Content 2:06 Read by Ezwa
My Wonderland 4:05 Read by Domenica Campbell
The Guest 2:13 Read by Newgatenovelist
An Old-Fashioned Garden 3:50 Read by Diana Schmidt
Discontent 3:44 Read by Diana Schmidt
The Doves at Mendon 3:12 Read by dane hendren
A Late Rose 2:09 Read by Ezwa
Periwinkle 1:51 Read by Newgatenovelist
Afternoon 1:58 Read by Jael Baldwin
The Lady of the Prow 4:10 Read by Diana Schmidt
Thou and I 4:51 Read by Ezwa


lovely voice. Ezwa,the fantastic singer

(3.5 stars)

Ezwa was lovely others did not sing