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CBS Radio Mystery Theater (aka Radio Mystery Theater and Mystery Theater, sometimes abbreviated as CBSRMT) was a radio drama series created by Himan Brown that was broadcast on CBS Radio Network affiliates from 1974 to 1982, and later in the early 2000s was briefly carried by WVXU in Cincinnati.

The format was similar to that of classic old time radio shows such as The Mysterious Traveler and The Whistler, in that the episodes were introduced by a host (E. G. Marshall) who provided pithy wisdom and commentary throughout. Unlike the hosts of those earlier programs, Marshall is fully mortal, merely someone whose heightened insight and erudition plunge the listener into the world of the macabre (in a manner similar to that of "The Man in Black" on yet another old time radio program, Suspense). (Summary from Wikipedia)

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750109, Berenice

(5 stars)

This episode, loosely based on an obscure Poe story, has a particularly creepy ending. I went back and found the Poe story and, while CBSRMT greatly altered the plot, they successfully captured Poe's horrific climax and use of a unreliably psychotic narrator.

It was Berenice

(2 stars)

I think Doug was referring to the 75-01-09 episode "Berenice" (I looked it up; apparently there was a public outcry from readers after it was first published and I'm not surprised).

Shut up. :o)

(0 stars)

I don't like Poe or Lovecraft, their story endings are too RELIABLY miserable, and now that I'm not even a kid anymore, they upset me. I love horror stories, I gravitate to that and always have, so let's not hear any, "You obviously don't enjoy horror or you'd appreciate the masters, so why don't you go read a romance?" I'm just as shunned by romance lovers for the same cloddish failure to love what's lovely and so why don't I go read a horror story? I do love and crave CBSRMT, however, along with a fine glut of others.


(5 stars)

loved the stories in this. have heard diffenent versions of sleepy village. but the Poe ones were good but the adaptation of the telltale heart didn't seem as good. but both Fred (Herman Munster) gwynne and Robert drydon were brilliant! Robert drydon playing good, bad or God! is always although listening to. I DO MEAN GOD! listen to ghost talk and you'll understand. still all good fun!

Which Poe Story????

(5 stars)

DougBee in his review comments on "the episode based on an obscure Poe story". Whis story was that? There are six of Poe's stories on this page. None of them is what I would call "obscure". I wish DougBee would tell us which one he was speaking of.

nice but check you files

(1 stars)

the cbsrmt files page 10 on the Mask of the RedDeath, check it. The file speeds up to Donald Duck after a minute of playtime. In fact, check all the programmes on page 10. Thank you.