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CBS Radio Mystery Theater (aka Radio Mystery Theater and Mystery Theater, sometimes abbreviated as CBSRMT) was a radio drama series created by Himan Brown that was broadcast on CBS Radio Network affiliates from 1974 to 1982, and later in the early 2000s was briefly carried by WVXU in Cincinnati.

The format was similar to that of classic old time radio shows such as The Mysterious Traveler and The Whistler, in that the episodes were introduced by a host (E. G. Marshall) who provided pithy wisdom and commentary throughout. Unlike the hosts of those earlier programs, Marshall is fully mortal, merely someone whose heightened insight and erudition plunge the listener into the world of the macabre (in a manner similar to that of "The Man in Black" on yet another old time radio program, Suspense).

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



glad I found this I used to listen to mystery theater when I was

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

I love these stories! I used to listen to them with my grandmother as a child. :-)

Capn Cool is right

(5 stars)

Loved these all

Reactionary entertainment

(4.5 stars)

These stories exist in a world that is inherently white. They entertained white people who were completely unaware of the terrible pain they inflict on non-binary BIPOCs just by existing. Thankfully these terrible stories could not be made today. All stories now have non-binary protagonist who fight inequality by spontaneously bursting out sick urban dance routines while shopping at Whole Foods and supporting communities of color.


(5 stars)

Me n my brother used to turn transistor radio down n hunker up in our bunk beds, n listen, get all scared when we were supposed to be sleeping!

interesting stories a blast from the past. listening to radio st

(5 stars)

Radio Stories

(2.5 stars)

The door sounds were ***horrible*** Excellent stories, though.

(4 stars)

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