CBS Radio Mystery Theater 1976, page 2

(4.6 stars; 32 reviews)

CBS Radio Mystery Theater was a long-running series of radio dramas created by Himan Brown and hosted by E.G. Marshall. These programs were recorded from a public radio station in 1976. They do not contain news or commercials. 0446 Pandora; 0447 The Man Who Preyed on Widows; 0448 The Aliens; 0450 The Other Side of the Coin; 0451 A Matter of Love and Death; 0453 The Covered Bridge; 0455 The Transformation of Joebee; 0456 Extortion; 0458 The Intruders; 0459 The Spit and Image; 0460 The White Ghost; 0461 Vanity Dies Hard; 0462 Time Killer; 0465 Sleeping Dogs; 0467 Safe Judge; 0468 Wishes Can Be Fatal; 0469 Strange Passenger; 0472 The Love Song of Death (Romeo & Juliet); 0473 The Green-Eyed Monster; 0475 The Prince of Evil; 0476 The Serpent of the Nile; 0477 The Three Elders of Lifeboat Landing.

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Yet another gift from the past

(5 stars)

made possible only because of awesome people who care enough to spend their own time and energy to preserve and provide these for us strangers. Three cheers, bravo, and a 21 sun galoot, as the great Gildersleeve or possibly Ralph Edwards famously ?fluffed? (learned from ?Behind the Mike,? a behind-the-scenes radio show about radio shows which otr fans simply must listen to. Literally unique point of view to my knowledge. Five stars for it too since you're here; two good tips for the price of one.)

(5 stars)

Thank you for these stories and the history on them. You’ve done an awesome job. Thank you

good fun

(4 stars)

only four star because I can't listen to Shakespeare without getting a little bored! (something to do with when I was at school!) but the others are all good fun! great scripts and acting!

I love the CBS Radio Mystery Theater

(5 stars)

This is great, I love every minute.