CBS Radio Mystery Theater 1977-1978 page 9

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CBS Radio Mystery Theater was a long-running series of radio dramas created by Himan Brown and hosted by E.G. Marshall. These programs were recorded from a local fm radio station in 1977 and early 1978. The original source material does not contain news or commercials. Files with __ after the title contain material from other sources to supplement gaps in the original recordings. 0741 A Point Of Time; 0742 Hunted Down; 0744 She__; 0747 The Man Is Missing; 0750 The Lost Tomorrows__; 0765 In Another Place__; 0766 A Model Murderer; 0767 Sophia and the Pilgrim; 0769 The Forgetful Ghost

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Brilliant show these programs all ways make me relaxed and comfortable a great listen anytime 5 star's

The best

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Freaking love this, laid in bed at age ten listening to these...July 4, 2017