CBS Radio Mystery Theater 1977 78

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CBS Radio Mystery Theater radio dramas aired in 1977-1978: Two Renegades; Death Is Blue; You Bet Your Life; Borderline Case; Wuthering Heights; First Woman In Space; Murder One; Little Lucy's Lethal Libation; Two Motives For Murder; House on Chimney Pot Lane, Goodbye Karl Erich (re-broadcast of 1975 episode) Please note: Original source materials for these files did not contain news or commercials.

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Considering that people posting the shows are doing it because they want to sha…

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Considering that people posting the shows are doing it because they want to share them..., the fact they did post some quality descriptions is great; I can't, nor should I, expect them to tell me everything I might want to know about. Yes, it would be nice to know that the commericals weren't included, but so what? Isn't having the show itself worthy of thanking the person posting the shows, and not questioning why they were cut out, saying "Why is that?" I'm sorry you're disappointed that, after downloading the shows, you found the "ads hacked out" but it's possible that the person posting the shows didn "hack " them out, but posted what he or she found and wanted to share. Remember, shows posted in Internet Archive are free and posted by people who want to share what they have; you're always able to buy commercial copies of the shows and possible get either better quality or more complete - that is, "unhacked" - versions from companies such as Radio Spirts or OTRCat ( As they say, "you pay your money and make your choice." I, personally, am happy to listen to what's been posted and appreciate that the shows have been made available for my listening and/or download. With or without commercials.


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(UPDATED) Russ, just so it doesn't get lost in the fog here and my intent misunderstood, let me say I very much appreciate your efforts in posting these shows. The sound quality is great, you can tell they were recorded off FM. All I ask is if someone knows they're posting something that's edited or has portions missing, please say so. A lot of people don't care about the commercials but some of us do. And I realize you didn't record the commercials at the time and that's fine. Personally, I didn't live close enough to a CBS affiliate back in the day and my crude efforts to record CBSRMT from so-called "clear channel" stations were awful. I recorded the whole shows, commercials and all (that Contac jingle was woefully annoying when it was on the radio all day, but now has a certain kitschy charm), but the static squeals and sound fades were unrelenting and in one case (Mark Twain's "The Dead House") it even obscures the climax. Now I'm glad collectors like you can show me what I was missing and I can enjoy them the way they were meant. Again, thanks for sharing, I do appreciate it. (ORIGINAL REVIEW) I noticed whoever posted this gave descriptions of the sound quality and portions of the closing cut off, etc. but didn't say anything about the commercials being cut out. And they are. Why is that? Is there a way that can be mentioned on these listings? Some of us do care about stuff like that and would like to know in advance. A few of these episodes were listed on Goldin's list as having commercials so you can imagine my disappointment in downloading these shows and finding those ads hacked out.

The reality is...

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The commercials really aren't "part of" the show- merely part of the experience as we remember it. While I do find the ads archaeologically interesting, and the news clips on some of these REALLY interesting, I would just as soon listen to JUST the shows. It's every bit as annoying to lose the pace today as it was in the 1970s. I have stopped watching television entirely, due to advertising, news, and the general lack of quality of 90% of shows today- but mostly, it's the ads. Thanks for posting!

Reply: Why the commercials are cut out

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It is true there are no commercials in any of the CBSRMT that I have posted. The reason? I cut out the commercials when I originally recorded the shows as a teenager in the 1970s, I cut out the commercials to save tape. If I had it to do over again, I would record the whole show. Sorry. I also would have recorded many more than I did. At the time, CBSRMT was run locally on WLNH-FM and the quality would have been superb.