CBS Radio Mystery Theater Christmas

(4.5 stars; 25 reviews)

Three Christmas-themed episodes of The CBS Radio Mystery Theater, created by Himan Brown and hosted by E.G. Marshall. The first two episodes are presented exactly as aired on WBBM, Chicago in December 1978 complete with original commercials, news and even weather reports! #0191 A Very Private Miracle; 0402 A Christmas Carol I have added a third Mystery Theater episode aired on WBBM in December 1980: #1140 A Holiday Visit It also contains the original commercials. The quality is not as good because the original tape was over-modulated (too loud)

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



old good times

(5 stars)

i remember being a little girl in the room with my sister debbie getting ready for bed we would get done quickly so we could listen to the mystery theater. i would think about the show all nite, and i have never forgot the voice of E.G.Marshell all of these years, im 44 now and i still love the show. thank you

chirstmas fun!

(5 stars)

these are great tales and the most well known is a Christmas Carol with this time EG Marshall playing Scrooge and he was very good! these as almost all of the CBS RMT are well worth a listen. a holiday visit is a little difficult to heat in places but doesn't do anything to the enjoyment of it!

Outstanding Program

(5 stars)

I have to agree with Connie here. These shows are so gripping and well-made. I have loved listening to them all my life! Thank you for making them available here. They are among the most well-made shows I've heard.

I like the program all complete

(5 stars)

I think the Chicago ad's lend originality to the mystery theatre. Having grown up in Chicago and still living here it's nice to hear some of the old ad's aired on WBBM "Newsradio 78"

The "Filler"

(4 stars)

I actually prefer the episodes that include the commercials. It adds something to the listening experience. Probably just the soaky nostalgia of the aging

A Very Private Miracle

(5 stars)

This is a wonderful OTR episode! Not spooky but very sweet; a great listen during the holidays. Thank you!

great stories for the season

(5 stars)

great holiday listening