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14 shows from the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER 1978

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Leon Janney

(4 stars)

If you're into classic radio (and TV) check out the bio for this guy. When I heard his voice on CBSRMT, I just KNEW I had heard that voice before, quite often, watching TV as a kid during the 60's. I started my own little bit of research, and found he did hundreds of voiceovers for TV and radio ads in the 1960's and 70's (I told you I'd heard his voice before!) Janney began as a child actor in Hollywood in the late 1920's. Then here he is still, 50 years later on CBSRMT. Check out wikipedia, as I added a lot of stuff I found out about Leon Janney. He had a very interesting career, indeed. -Charlie Stuckey

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

(4 stars)

Very well-produced and definately worth checking out if you're into older suspense shows like "Suspense" and "Escape". I'm not entirely convinced that the one-hour format necessarily equals a deeper show than those older half-hour broadcasts, however; there are a number of episodes that contain a bit of unnecessary filler. Still, CBSRMT was always entertaining, and produced more than a few gems. On a side note, I paid money for these same files a few years back and I'm delighted to see them being offered for free here. Not the easiest show to track down recordings of.