Gunsmoke 2

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Old Time Radio Programs. Gunsmoke Starring William Conrad as Matt Dillon. Western Theme. Page 2

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53-10-10_How to Die for Nothing 25:16
53-10-17_Yorky 24:34
53-10-31_How to Kill a Woman 25:13
53-11-07_Stolen Horses 25:09
53-11-14_Professor Lute Bone 26:30
53-11-21_Custer 25:24
53-11-28_Kick Me 25:00
53-12-05_The Lamb 25:40
53-12-12_The Cast 25:51
53-12-19_Big Girl Lost 26:08
53-12-26_The Guitar 25:49
54-01-02_Stage Hold-up 25:04
54-01-09_Joke's On Us 24:57
54-01-16_The Bear (home dub no-close) 22:43
54-01-23_Nina 26:11
54-01-30_Gun Smuggler 25:30
54-02-06 25:26
54-02-13_The Killer 25:22
54-02-20_Last Fling 25:16
54-02-27_Bad Boy 24:56
54-03-06_The Gentleman 24:29
54-03-13_Confederate Money 24:03
54-03-20_Old Friend 25:15
54-03-27_Blood Money 24:55
54-04-03_Mr and Mrs Amber 24:33
54-04-10_Greater Love 25:06
54-04-17_What the Whiskey Drummer Heard 24:45
54-04-24_Murder Warrant 23:44
54-05-01_Cara 25:27
54-05-08_The Constable 24:46
54-05-15_The Indian Horse 24:14
54-05-22_Monopoly 24:54
54-05-29_Feud 24:56
54-06-05_The Blacksmith 24:35
54-06-12_The Cover-Up 25:09
54-06-19_Going Bad 25:08
54-06-26_Claustrophobia 25:39
54-07-03_Word Of Honor 25:19
54-07-05_Hack Prine 29:54
54-07-12_Texas Cowboys 29:30
54-07-19_The Queue 29:54
54-07-26_Matt for Murder 30:00
54-08-02_No Indians 29:49
54-08-09_Joe Phy 29:50
54-08-16_Mavis McCloud 30:14
54-08-23_Young Man With a Gun 29:10
54-08-30_Obie Tater 30:00
54-09-06_The Handcuffs 30:03
54-09-13_Dooley Surrenders 29:39
54-09-20_The F.U. 29:59
54-09-27_Helping Hand 29:44
54-10-02_Matt Gets It 29:08
54-10-09_Love of a Good Woman 29:15
54-10-16_Kitty Caught 29:06
54-10-23_Ma Tennis 28:28
54-10-30_The Patsy 29:47
54-11-06_Smoking Out the Beedles 29:52
54-11-13_Wrong Man 29:54
54-11-27_Cooter 29:47
54-12-04_Cholera 29:35
54-12-11_Bone Hunters 29:36
54-12-18_Magnus Proudfoot 26:05
54-12-25_Kitty Lost 29:53
55-01-01_The Bottle Man 29:51
55-01-08_Robin Hood 29:56
55-01-15-Chester's Murder 29:52
55-01-22_Sins of the Fathers 29:56
55-01-29_Young Love 29:49
55-02-05_Cheyennes 30:14
55-02-12_Chester's Hanging 30:11
55-02-19_Poor Pearl 30:16
55-02-26_Crack-Up 30:36
55-03-05_Kite's Reward 29:58
55-03-12_The Trail 30:08
55-03-19_The Mistake 30:26
55-03-26_Horse Deal 29:51
55-04-02_Bloody Hands 29:43


Get the heck into Dodge some more!

(5 stars)

Superb radio show. Never had the Gunsmoke radio show in the UK,to my knowledge,only TV show. So this a real treat👍 Cheers to Librivox and OTR for making this available. Very highly recommended.

OTR As We Wish It Were

(5 stars)

This includes many of the best episodes of what many call the best radio show of the OTR era. It really does not get better than this, as the episodes are suspenseful, have great character acting, and are unpredicatble. Also noteworthy is that there are very few rebroadcasts of old scripts, and maybe only one or two clinkers in the lot. But there is something even for the listener who wants some campiness in his OTR listening. The first 10 or so episodes here are sponsored by both Post Toasties ("Heap Good Corn Flakes") and Sugar Crinkles. These may be the worst ads in radio history. Can I rate this with six stars?

Hilarious ad-lib

(5 stars)

June 26, 1954, 'Claustrophobia'--- Even though this rehearsal never went over the air, someone probably should have turned the mike off while Bill Conrad and the boys decided to have a little fun during the opening bit. Dodge the kiddies for this one.

re: Claustrophobia

(5 stars)

Had you been paying attention you would have noticed that it was a "rehearsal" show. The mikes don't GET turned off...consequently they are an endless source of bloopers and fun for later generations. These did not go out over the air.

To whom it may concern

(5 stars)

How refreshing it is to be able to step back into yesteryear and partake of such good, wholesome intertainment. Many thanks from a greatful public for making these wonderful programs available.

to whom it may concern

(5 stars)

listning to these old time radio programs are real nice clean entertainment. Everyone should hear these shows. Thank you very much for putting them on here.

(5 stars)

I love listening to the stories at night, it help me to sleep,...I love otr, and all the different shows and episodes


(5 stars)

Love these old radio shows things were more simple back then and i have been listening to them for years