Gunsmoke 04

(4.6 stars; 72 reviews)

Old Time Radio SHows. Gunsmoke Starring William Conrad as Matt Dillon. Western Theme.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



56-10-21_Till Death Do Us 24:56
56-10-28_Dirty Bill's Girl 24:46
56-11-10_Crowbait Bob 24:44
56-11-11_Pretty Mama 24:50
56-11-18_Brother Whelp 24:26
56-11-25_Tail to the Wind 22:51
56-12-02_Speak Me Fair 25:08
56-12-09_Braggart's Boy 24:10
56-12-16_Cherry Red 24:27
56-12-23_Beeker's Barn 25:01
56-12-30_Houng Dog 23:31
57-01-06_Devil's Hindmost 23:28
57-01-13_Ozymandias 24:36
57-01-20_Categorical Imperative 20:12
57-01-27_Woman Called Mary 20:31
57-02-03_Cold Fire 20:11
57-02-10_Hellbent Harriett 19:56
57-02-17_Doubtful Zone 21:12
57-02-24_Impact 19:40
57-03-03_Colleen So Green 21:07
57-03-10_Grebb Hassle 20:24
57-03-17_Spring Freshet 19:22
57-03-24_Saddle Sore Sal 24:36
57-03-31_Chicken Smith 21:37
57-04-07_Rock Bottom 21:06
57-04-14_Saludos 26:02
57-04-21_Bear Trap 23:38
57-04-28_Medicine Man 22:11
57-05-12_Sheep Dog 25:41
57-05-19_One Night Stand 24:41
57-05-26_Pal 23:31
57-06-02_Ben Tolliver's Stud 26:03
57-06-09_Dodge Podge 23:26
57-06-16_Summer Night 23:41
57-08-04_Big Hands 23:31
57-08-18_The Peace Officer 20:16
57-08-25_Grass 23:49
57-09-01_Jobe's Son 24:31
57-09-08_Loony McCluny 20:32
57-09-15_Child Labor 22:04
57-09-29_Another Man's Poison 22:31
57-10-06_The Rooks 19:30
57-10-13_The Margin 20:27
57-10-20_Professor Lute Bone 23:47
57-10-27_Man and Boy 20:48
57-11-03_Bull 25:20
57-11-10_Gun Shy 24:50
57-11-24_Odd Man Out 26:16
57-12-01_Jud's Woman 25:12
57-12-08_Long As I Live 25:16
57-12-15_Ugly 24:10
57-12-29_Where'd They Go- 18:49
58-01-12_Second Son 25:46
58-01-19_Moo Moo Raid 25:07
58-01-26_One for Less 25:04
58-02-02_Kitty's Killing 25:08
58-02-16_Brugger's Folly 24:16
58-02-23_The Surgery 24:07
58-03-09_Laughing Gas 23:24
58-03-16_Real Silent Sonny 25:03
58-03-23_Indian 25:11
58-03-30_Why Not 19:58
58-04-06_Yorky 22:38
58-04-13_Livvie's Loss 24:04
58-04-20_The Partners 23:00
58-04-27_The Squaw 23:38
58-05-11_Little Bird 20:46
58-05-18_The Stallion 22:47
58-05-25_Blue Horse 24:53
58-06-08_Hot Horse Hyatt 24:52
58-06-15_Old Flame 23:45
58-06-22_Target 25:10
58-07-06_Chester's Choice 24:48
58-07-13_The Proving Kid 20:57
58-07-20_Marshall Proudfoot 24:51
58-08-03_Miguel's Daughter 19:26
58-08-10_A House Ain't a Home 24:52
58-08-17_The Piano 23:53
58-08-31_I Thee Wed 20:01
58-09-07_Tried It-Didn't Like It 21:56
58-09-14_False Witness 20:08
58-09-28_Kitty's Rebellion 19:24
58-10-05_Tag, You're It 22:10
58-10-12_Doc's Showdown 20:16
58-10-26_The Tragedian 19:58
58-11-02_Old Man's Gold 20:20
58-11-09_Target- Chester 19:46
58-11-23_The Correspondent 18:32
58-11-30_Burning Wagon 19:39
58-12-07_The Grass Asp 19:26
58-12-14_Kitty's Injury 21:04
59-01-11_The Wolfer 29:19


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(5 stars)

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wild west still smokin

(5 stars)

Gunsmoke still going strong.Still loving this radio show. Superb acting,writing. Particular fave episode was - Stallion poignant story. Thanks due once more to both OTR and Librivox for bringing the Old West back to life. Nice one!

gunsmoke and broadway is my beat are the two best radio shows

(5 stars)

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(1.5 stars)

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Gun smoke is my favorite old time radio program

(5 stars)

The acting is great the stories are great I wish there were more!!