Halloween OTR

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Frightening and disturbing audio designed for a night of terror.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



BlackCat 25:54
BloodCountess 31:39
BloodCountess2 29:13
Broomstick 28:54
Carmilla 29:45
Castle 25:56
DemonTree 23:20
OnACountryRoad 30:28
VengefulCorpse 29:52
Witches Almanac 44:36


Happy Halloween and thanks!

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Here are classic radio suitable for your Halloween pleasure! How nice of some volunteers to cull them for all of us to scare ourselves silly. Highly recommend playlist for ages 12 and up; younger kids would find these too much if a muchness.

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(5 stars)

About the only exceptions you might come across are snippets of music in the beginnings or endings of certain OTR shows that may be copyrighted. Once in a blue moon I've come across some musical intros or outros that are still under copyright, and have had to cut them before I can rebroadcast them in my podcast. But it is very, very rare.

Date Correction

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"Broomstick Dark Fantasy" is actually an episode of The Shadow entitled "Death Rides a Broomstick," from March 2, 1941. "Castle Dark Fantasy" is actually an episode of the Hall of Fantasy entitled "The Castle of Lavoca," from 1952.

Public Domain

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Hi, I was hoping to get more information on above radio shows. Are these in the public domain? Would I be free to use them in a film for commercial purposes for example?


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Most, if not all ,OTR is in public domain. It no longer belongs to anyone. Use it to your hearts content. There are a few that are claimed, but they’re very obscure.


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