Michael Shayne

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Old Time Radio Programs, Detective Series, Michael Shayne

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Michael Shayne - 461105 - 01SH - Return to Huxley 25:55
Michael Shayne - 480911 - 11 - Model Murder 26:05
Michael Shayne - 481211 - 24 - Borrowed Heirloom 27:31
Michael Shayne - 481231 - 27 - Mail Order Murders 28:25
Michael Shayne - xxxxxx - xx - Corresponding Corpse 27:01
Michael Shayne 47-10-14 The Case Of The Judge Is Shot 29:22
Michael Shayne 48-07-15 ep04 Case Of Anthony Carrell 25:48
Michael Shayne 48-07-22 ep05 The Case Of The Haunted Bride 26:18
Michael Shayne 48-07-29 ep06 Case Of The Blood Stained Pearls 26:26
Michael Shayne 48-08-06 ep07 Case Of The Phantom Gun 25:18
Case Of The Hate That Killed 27:29
The Case of the Grey-Eyed Blonde 27:19
Michael Shayne 48-09-04 ep10 The Case Of The Generous Killer 27:00
Michael Shayne 48-09-18 ep12 Pursuit Of Death 26:41
Michael Shayne 48-09-25 ep13 The Crooked Wheel 25:09
Michael Shayne 48-10-02 ep14 Wandering Fingerprints 26:35
Case of the Purloined Corpse 26:22
Case Of The Left-Handed Fan 26:04
Michael Shayne 48-10-23 ep17 Deadly Dough 26:04
Michael Shayne 48-10-30 ep18 Case Of The Popular Corpse 26:20
Case of the Bayou Monster 26:09
Case Of A Problem in Murder 26:10
Michael Shayne 48-11-20 ep21 The Case Of The High Priced Twins 27:32
Michael Shayne 48-11-27 ep22 The Case Of The Carnival Killer 27:52
Michael Shayne 48-12-04 ep23 Constant Companion 27:33
Michael Shayne 48-12-09 ep24 The Eager Victim 25:47
Michael Shayne 48-12-16 ep25 The Corresponding Corpse 25:47
Michael Shayne 48-12-23 ep26 The Mail Order Murders 25:48
Michael Shayne 48-12-30 ep27 The Phantom Neighbor 25:57
Michael Shayne 49-01-06 ep28 Tahlanis Tears 26:20
Case Of The Man Who Lived Forever 27:19
Michael Shayne 49-10-12 The Phantom Gun 26:34
Michael Shayne 49-11-02 The Model Murder 26:40
Michael Shayne 53-04-03 Queen Of Narcotics Heroin 29:16
Your Daytime Radio Newspaper 44-02-29 8:03


How are you still alive?

(5 stars)

You reckless redheaded Irishman. I can't remember one episode that Mike is not seriously physically harmed in some way. He's knocked out almost every show. Yet he always gets up and has something smart-assy to say. Maybe it's all of the concussions he's suffered. Great show, great twists and storytelling.

The Hard Man Mike Shayne

(5 stars)

is like the cat with nine lives, always scrapping with some gangster ready to show him an alternative route. Great show pity theirs only a few of these episodes. 😉

Simply Great

(5 stars)

I don't think it gets any better than this show. Of course, you may have a favorite. But if you like the tough-guy detective in the first-person style, this show is for you. Jeff Chandler has a great voice, a great delivery. He makes Mike Sharne live, and live large. And alone. Often down-and-out, just living case to case. One of my favorites, and a great show to get the idea if you haven't heard Mike Shane before, is the Case of the Man Who LIved Forever. Great writing, acting, music stings, and pacing. In fact, perfect. Maybe not authentic NOLA, but perfect OTR. Yeah, I'd want Mike Shane on my case if I needed a two-fisted detective. You probably will, too.

A knock out

(5 stars)

No doubt about it, the episodes about the red haired detective are all very entertaining. The writers had a wide grasp of their task and produced some excellent tongue firmly in cheek humour. But all of this set in the basic life of Norleans as enjoyed by its humblest of citizens. Thanks for making these episodes available. They were a real tonic.

early episodes are great.

(3 stars)

I like the early episodes with wally maher. They were a blend of slight humor and hard boiled. With the chandler episodes i would rather listen to philip marlowe. Also, why wasn't the series set in miami? I enjoy the series overall.


(5 stars)

I loved this series and especially Glen Chandler's portrayal of Michael Shayne. It had really dramatic moments as well as some humour. If you like Private Investigators you will enjoy this.

(4.5 stars)

This one starts a little slow but quickly gets really good as the characters get comfortable in their roles. Great story lines with twists too.


(0 stars)

Michael_Shayne_49-10-12_The_Phantom_Gun and Michael_Shayne_49-05-07_Case_Of_The_Man_Who_Lived_Forever are actually earlier episodes The last files has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Shayne.