Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator - Single Episodes

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William Gargan, who also played the better known television (and radio) detective Martin Kane, was the voice of New York eye Barrie Craig while Ralph Bell portrayed his associate, Lt. Travis Rogers. Craig's office was on Madison Avenue and his adventures were fairly standard PI fare. He worked alone, solved cases efficiently, and feared no man. As the promos went, he was "your man when you can't go to the cops. Confidentiality a specialty." This series has been produced with various spellings of the primary character name. Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator is one of the few detective radio series that had separate versions of it broadcast from both coasts. Even the spelling changed over the years. It was first "Barry Crane" and then "Barrie Craig". NBC produced it in New York from 1951 to 1954 and then moved it to Hollywood where it aired from 1954 to 1955. It attracted only occasional sponsors so it was usually a sustainer.

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Excellent show

(5 stars)

One of the best radio detective shoes, well written, well acted, well directed. Highly recommended.

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More of a loner than Sam Spade or Frank Race, but he's solid.

(5 stars)

If you're just finding out about all these great shows on INTERNET ARCHIVE, this is a worthy listen. If you want a good example, try #12 Death of an Investigator. It's a tale of New York City in the winter, getting over to Staten Island, even, and though you might want to hear it twice to follow the plot, it's got some great characters (in the sense of realism) and gives a good sense of what Barrie Craig was all about. As other fans have said, well-produced, good scripts and although the music is more repititious than Sam Spade's, it never gets in the way of the action. Enjoy, and watch yourself. NYC is a tough place.

The MUTEL Cues in Barrie Craig

(4 stars)

This series is the only one I know of that makes full use of the MUTEL production library, which is a favorite of mine. There are some real gems of cues. I put the show on a bedtime and it gives me the most amazing dreams. The audio levels are quite consistent compared to other Archive shows. The only objection I have is in the original mix where the micing is muffled. Why were the highs attenuated. I thought it was in the transfer. But that can't be the case because the music cues come through very bright. Thanks for a wonderful show.


(0 stars)

Barry Craig slipped under the radar of old time radio. Rarely heard, this pretty well plotted and acted series deserves better now that it's available. If William Gargan isn't the big name actor as with some shows and hasn't a gimmick, it doesn't tarnish what is evident in listening to these clear well produced programs. His movie career was extensive, and earned him an Oscar nom. After losing his larynx to cancer from smoking, he did work to fight smoking and cancer. In all, this series reflects professional work and good pacing. 3.5 stars

Is "Mellow-boiled" a thing yet?

(5 stars)

He's got no gimmick. The closest thing to a sidekick is an aged elevator man. Comic relief is provided by Willie of The Lunch wagon. He hardly ever gets the girl. And he only gets an edge when its cutting time. Barry Craig is similiar to Richard Diamond in that they were kings of screw-boiled" noir of the early fifties. Just about the best re-listen series in the detective genre. Does ANYBODY know the name of the theme song?

William Gargan Great as "Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator"

(5 stars)

This is an excellent program with William Gargan in great form as detective "Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator." The plots are similar to other detective programs of the time. William Gargan's delivery is low-key and pleasant.

(5 stars)

I absolutely love this radio "noir" drama! I have to smile/laugh at some of the venicular being used for this type of genre. The voice acting is spot on. I would definitely recommend this to others.