Crime Classics - Single Episodes

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Crime Classics came to CBS September 30, 1953 and was a neat little series of "true crime stories". This show introduces itself succinctly: "A series of true crime stories from the records and newspapers of every land, from every time. Your host each week, is Mr. Thomas Hyland -- connoisseur of crime, student of violence, and teller of murders. " Thomas Hyland is played by Lou Merrill, although you'd never know it was an "actor" doing the part. The great Elliott Lewis, actor, producer and director of Suspense, Broadway is my Beat and On Stage is in charge of this very intelligent and enjoyable show. Composer Bernard Herrmann duplicated authentic music of the era being dramatized, and Morton Fine and David Friedkin were the writers. Lewis and his writers collected and developed true crime stories expressly for Crime Classics. Thomas Hyland's delivery is measured and mild-mannered, as if giving a college lecture. Would that all professors were this interesting! The actors in the stories themselves are uniformly. Sensitive orchestral scores by the great Bernard Hermann, who did Orson Welles' Mercury Theater radio show and then Alfred Hitchcock's films, give the stories sophistication and mood. So do the tasteful sound effects. There is a wry, cool-blooded tone to the proceedings. Cases ranged from seventeenth-century murder to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Each and every story, however bizarre, is actually based on fact. For example, the show on the Younger Brothers of the American West has some very interesting background details concerning Quantrell's Raiders and the Kansas Jayhawks. In the story of "John Hayes, his Head, and How They Were Parted," we hear the tale of a glassblower who blows glass perfectly and completely surrounding the severed head of a unknown deadman. Then it is placed in a museum where it remained pending identification. Thus his killers were found out by the dead man, using his head. This show is a good companion to other old time radio shows that are historically-oriented, such as Cavalcade of America, You Are There, and American Trail. For science and research, the shows Science Magazine of the Air and Adventures in Research are very good. Information for this description came from John Dunning's "Tune In Yesterday The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio".

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Crime Classics (000) 1952-12-03 (Audition) 26:54
Crime Classics (001) 1953-06-15 29:55
Crime Classics (002) 1953-06-22 29:41
Crime Classics (003) 1953-06-29 (AFRTS) 28:35
Crime Classics (003) 1953-06-29 29:40
Crime Classics (004) 1953-07-06 29:47
Crime Classics (005) 1953-07-13 29:48
Crime Classics (006) 1953-07-20 29:49
Crime Classics (007) 1953-07-27 (AFRTS) 29:44
Crime Classics (007) 1953-07-27 29:05
Crime Classics (008) 1953-08-03 29:48
Crime Classics (009) 1953-08-10 (AFRTS) 29:45
Crime Classics (009) 1953-08-10 29:51
Crime Classics (010) 1953-08-17 29:39
Crime Classics (011) 1953-08-24 (AFRTS) 1:33
Crime Classics (011) 1953-08-24 29:42
Crime Classics (012) 1953-08-31 (AFRTS) 29:37
Crime Classics (012) 1953-08-31 29:01
Crime Classics (013) 1953-09-07 (AFRTS) 29:53
Crime Classics (014) 1953-09-30 29:49
Crime Classics (015) 1953-10-07 29:48
Crime Classics (016) 1953-10-14 29:42
Crime Classics (017) 1953-10-21 29:49
Crime Classics (018) 1953-10-28 29:39
Crime Classics (019) 1953-11-04 (AFRTS) 30:04
Crime Classics (019) 1953-11-04 29:55
Crime Classics (020) 1953-11-11 29:32
Crime Classics (021) 1953-11-18 29:53
Crime Classics (022) 1953-11-25 (AFRTS) 29:16
Crime Classics (022) 1953-11-25 27:53
Crime Classics (023) 1953-12-02 (AFRTS) 29:35
Crime Classics (023) 1953-12-02 29:21
Crime Classics (024) 1953-12-09 (AFRTS) 29:42
Crime Classics (024) 1953-12-09 29:30
Crime Classics (025) 1953-12-16 (AFRTS) 29:29
Crime Classics (025) 1953-12-16 29:49
Crime Classics (026) 1953-12-30 (AFRTS) 28:48
Crime Classics (026) 1953-12-30 29:49
Crime Classics (027) 1954-01-06 28:56
Crime Classics (028) 1954-01-13 29:30
Crime Classics (029) 1954-01-20 (AFRTS) 29:15
Crime Classics (029) 1954-01-20 29:32
Crime Classics (030) 1954-01-27 29:49
Crime Classics (031) 1954-02-03 29:50
Crime Classics (032) 1954-02-10 29:47
Crime Classics (033) 1954-02-17 (AFRTS) 27:56
Crime Classics (033) 1954-02-17 29:49
Crime Classics (034) 1954-02-24 29:44
Crime Classics (035) 1954-03-03 (AFRTS) 29:57
Crime Classics (036) 1954-03-10 (AFRTS) 29:36
Crime Classics (037) 1954-03-17 29:53
Crime Classics (039) 1954-03-31 29:54
Crime Classics (040) 1954-04-07 29:52
Crime Classics (041) 1954-04-14 29:49
Crime Classics (042) 1954-04-21 (AFRTS) 29:13
Crime Classics (043) 1954-04-28 29:28
Crime Classics (044) 1954-05-05 (AFRTS) 29:17
Crime Classics (045) 1954-05-12 (AFRTS) 29:54
Crime Classics (046) 1954-05-26 (AFRTS) 29:58
Crime Classics (046) 1954-05-26 29:27
Crime Classics (047) 1954-06-02 29:27
Crime Classics (048) 1954-06-09 29:25
Crime Classics (049) 1954-06-16 29:50
Crime Classics (050) 1954-06-23 (AFRTS) 29:31
Crime Classics (051) 1954-06-30 (ARTS) 29:34
Crime Classics (051) 1954-06-30 29:18


I second that emotion!

(5 stars)

I'm going to say 'ditto' to everything Luckypug says. And p.s. after reading about Mr. Thrower's Hammer I have to add that the writing on this series is so fine! Check out just the first act of Mr.T and tell me it isn't ! It's the witty tone and unexpected phrasing and word choice. It just makes you laugh and shake your head in admiration! so give that writer lots of posthumous honors,laurels, awards, and extra time off harp playing wearing an angel suit. Just heard the credits and there are two worthies: Morton Fine and David Friedkin. The music is perfect.... was there actually an orchestra and conductor in the studio? How sublime to imagine...I wonder if there is any film if so. Certainly photos. I bet the forum at relic or librivox archives

True Crime Gem

(5 stars)

I adore this radio show. It is pure historical true crime told in a sort of jovial way. Too bad there aren't that many episodes, but every one is worth it's weight in gold. Every time I listen to an episode, I find myself researching the actual true crime!

Great Show

(5 stars)

Production values of this show are fantastic -- sound effects, music, everything is top-notch. Also the writing is very clever. One interesting thing: a lot of amoral women in these episodes. The stereotype of the conniving, grasping shrew appears often. So, perhaps a bit of a sexist slant, but if that doesn't offend you too much, then these shows are highly recommended.

Very Good Show!

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this show. Previous to finding this site the only otr I listened to was Sherlock Holmes w/Basil Rathbone. Its very exciting finding shows like this. A few cases I never heard of plus the old favorites like Jack the Ripper. Very well done and interesting. Wish they were still making them.


(5 stars)

These shows are great! The funny thing is the two things that make this show unique seem to be contradictory. The first is the ironic tone of the narrator, and the second are the gorgeous, brooding scores of Bernard Herrmann. It all works though.

R ight on the money, the title says it all.

(5 stars)

I just LOVE these non fiction stories. I normally listen to mysteries, but I'm so glad I gave this a try. So far no trouble with the application, this is a must have.

great entertaining show

(5 stars)

excellent show! I love the fact that the stories are based on true events! the sound effects are great and the music blends so well. Ithis show is a must hear! ;)

I love this!!

(5 stars)

This is the most entertaining radio show I've ever heard. I absolutely loved each episode. Thank you for your hard work and devotion to preserving history in all forms.