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Susan Coolidge was the pen name of Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, who is best known for her What Katy Did series. This is the first of three volumes of her verse. (Summary by Rachel) (2 hr 56 min)


To J. H. and E. W. H. 1:56 Read by Rachel
Prelude 1:11 Read by Rachel
Commissioned 3:01 Read by Urban Bard
The Cradle Tomb in Westminster Abbey 2:10 Read by Urban Bard
'Of Such as I Have' 1:19 Read by Larry Wilson
A Portrait 1:49 Read by Kathleen Moore
When? 2:50 Read by Ezwa
On the Shore 1:32 Read by Crystal Gattis
Among the Lilies 1:13 Read by Kathleen Moore
November 1:47 Read by LisaRubio
Embalmed 2:05 Read by Gloria Begemann
Ginevra Degli Amieri 9:45 Read by Sonia
Easter Lilies 1:44 Read by Kathleen Moore
Ebb-Tide 2:10 Read by Larry Wilson
Flood-Tide 2:09 Read by Eric Burns
A Year 2:26 Read by Joe Brenneman
Tokens 1:30 Read by Gloria Begemann
Her Going 2:44 Read by Gloria Begemann
A Lonely Moment 2:43 Read by Eric Burns
Communion 3:09 Read by Larry Wilson
Farewell 2:42 Read by Ezwa
Ebb and Flow 1:30 Read by Dillon McFarlane
Angelus 1:59 Read by Greg Giordano
The Morning Comes Before the Sun 1:52 Read by Rachel
Laborare est Orare 1:53 Read by Jeff Moon
Eighteen 1:29 Read by Roohi
Outward Bound 2:22 Read by Roohi
From East to West 2:17 Read by Roohi
Una 3:30 Read by Gemma Domenella
Two Ways to Love 7:00 Read by Ezwa
After-Glow 3:30 Read by Gloria Begemann
Hope and I 1:09 Read by Crystal Gattis
Left Behind 3:27 Read by Gloria Begemann
Savoir c'est Pardonner 1:38 Read by John Burlinson (1950-2024)
Morning 2:13 Read by Greg Giordano
A Blind Singer 2:29 Read by Gloria Begemann
Mary 2:55 Read by Greg Giordano
When Love Went 1:33 Read by Joe Brenneman
Overshadowed 3:00 Read by Ezwa
Time to Go 2:40 Read by Gloria Begemann
Gulf-Stream 2:26 Read by Gloria Begemann
My White Crysanthemum 2:30 Read by Greg Giordano
Till the Day Dawn 1:37 Read by Greg Giordano
My Birthday 2:14 Read by Gloria Begemann
By the Cradle 1:18 Read by Sonia
A Thunder Storm 1:49 Read by Rachel
Through the Door 2:39 Read by SkyAlbatross
Readjustment 1:20 Read by SkyAlbatross
At the Gate 1:50 Read by Larry Wilson
A Home 2:26 Read by Sonia
The Legend of Kintu 18:18 Read by Gloria Begemann
Easter 2:56 Read by Gloria Begemann
Bind-Weed 1:46 Read by Rachel
April 2:38 Read by SkyAlbatross
May 1:53 Read by SkyAlbatross
Secrets 2:35 Read by Sonia
How the Leaves Came Down 2:09 Read by Crystal Gattis
Barcaroles 5:25 Read by Sonia
My Rights 2:44 Read by Ezwa
Solstice 2:43 Read by SkyAlbatross
In the Mist 2:22 Read by Sonia
Within 1:54 Read by SkyAlbatross
Menace 1:41 Read by SkyAlbatross
'He that Believeth Shall Not Make Haste' 1:18 Read by Joe Brenneman
My Little Ghost 2:13 Read by SkyAlbatross
Christmas 1:53 Read by Larry Wilson
Benedicam Domino 1:37 Read by Joe Brenneman