SF68-5 episodes

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5 episodes of "SF68" south african otr,science fiction.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



more episodes available

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I believe that these were moved over from my multiply site (recognize the title formats). ALL of the existing episodes are available on my site at. . . http://ko6bb.multiply.com/ go about halfway down the music play-list and you should see SF68. You must have a free Multiply Membership to download. . . Phil, KO6BB NOTE: To download from Multiply, you need to be a member (free registration). Then you can either click on the "Play this Play-list" button at the bottom of the play-list, which will start playing each file in succession with "Media Player" and you can save from the Media Player. OR, you can use a program like "Orbit" (Free) and download everything in the play-list at once. Orbit operation is covered in my "blog" on the main page.

Most enjoyable

(5 stars)

The SciFi shows from South Africa are quite listenable and many are based on refreshingly original story concepts. Great audio quality in most cases, too. Definitly good candidates for the personal audio device of your choice. Phil is back now at: http://ko6bb1.multiply.com (there is a "1" in the ID now - ko6bb1 instead of ko6bb) Many more epps of this show and many others not found here or elsewhere

All episodes required

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Forget 'Phil' and his damn website (last seen in the dark ages), why can't the uploader put up the complete set and be done with it? It's bad or unfortunate enough to have poor quality original recordings without other websites adding to the grunge with low bit rates in their downloads. So give us all the episodes.

Interesting selection of OTR on your Multiply site...

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But how do you download the shows?

More episodes for listening or download

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