The CBS Radio Mystery Theater

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Despite the show's title, Brown expanded its scope beyond mysteries to include horror, science fiction, historical drama and comedy, along with seasonal dramas at Christmas. Nevertheless, as stated by Marshall at each show's finish, the show's focus was on "adventures into the macabre."

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Awesome.... but!

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"CBSRMT," as it is often cataloged on various internet databases, is a program that stands on its own, apart from the crowded caucuphony of OTR. Aside from that show's remarkable tenactiy on the airwaves, long after radio drama had died (and died again!), CBSRMT was and is good entertainment. Although the average episode lacks verve or even all that many chills, the series' standards of quality and consistency are unmatched. Please Wikipedia to learn more. Having said all that, I beleive Himan Brown, the producer of CBSRMT, is still alive and remains protective of the rights to the series. See: Therefore, these episodes do not seem to belong on the Archive and might be considered for removal. (and having said all that!, Mr. Brown has done little to make the series widely available to the many interested fans, and his most recent effort is a bit of a day late and dollar short, so I don't blame a single one of those CBSRMT fans for using any means necessary to collect episodes of the show!)

Good here, and there's a big Collection Audiobook, 2013CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATE…

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CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER OLD TIME RADIO 1399 Episodes plus 84 rebroadcasts with Himan Brown as host Includes bonus disc with 109 episodes of the best of SUSPENSE - 5 mp3 DVD- A total of 1592 Shows - Total Playtime: 1176:28:55 (Old Time Radio - Mystey/Horror Series) DVD-ROM –

Good Times Express

(5 stars)

This is my very favorite time travel story! My copy is not good,so I hope this one is better. You will ride the Good Times Express to some rather unexpected places and times. I love trains so this is a perfect ride. I have another favorite I'd like to see here: Holiday Visit. Thanks to whoever found this gem!

(4 stars)

these plays are so mind just need to close your eyes while listening them.thats exactly what I do every day after returning home from work.

(5 stars)

les miserable is superb.,.. only wished the 5 parts were kept together. very enjoyable

Love it, brings back fond memories of me and my children listene

(5 stars)

help wanted

(5 stars)

good story. i eish i could see a movie

Excellent recordings with the exception of one.

(5 stars)