The Saint with Vincent Price

(4.3 stars; 46 reviews)

The Saint radio program, starring Vincent Price. All known existing shows from 1944-1951, plus three dramatized Saint novels. Repeated shows are included.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



The Saint 440731 The Connelly Silver Mine 24:37
The Saint 450121 MonkeyBusiness 56:28
The Saint 48:17
The Saint 471015 A Gangster District Attorney 27:49
The Saint 471022 Color Blind Murderer Aboard Ship 48:17
The Saint 48:49
The Saint 471217 The Saint Goes Underground 48:50
The Saint 471224 Nineteen Santa Clauses 28:59
The Saint 48:06
The Case of the Blond Who Lost Her Head 24:12
Conley Silver Mine 24:18
The Saint 490814 Greed Causes Murder 24:30
09-18 Color-Blind Killer 24:01
Color-Blind Killer 24:02
Unhappy Homocide 23:56
Fake Amnesia Killer 24:12
The Saint 491225 Nineteen Santa Clauses.MP3 28:59
The Cake That Killed 24:52
The Saint 24:52
The Case of the Lonesome Slab 27:42
The Saint 500430 Murder Of A Champion 56:27
The Saint 55:56
The Sinister Sneeze 27:50
The Music Murder 27:57
The Saint 500702 Real Gone Guy 56:29
Search for a Killer 28:07
Contract out on the Saint 27:30
The Saint 500709 Problem Of The Peculiar Payoff 55:16
Death of the Saint 28:20
Fighter's Contract 28:45
Author of Murder 28:26
The Saint 500730 Case Of The Previewed Crime 57:07
The Corpse Said Ouch 29:37
The Saint 500813 Dossier on a Damsel 27:43
The Saint 500820 Reflection On Murder.MP3 26:17
The Saint 500827 Cupid and the Corpse 29:23
Baseball Murder 28:04
The Saint 500910 The Horrible Hamburger 29:57
The Ghost That Giggled 28:10
Dossier on a Doggone Dog 28:14
The Saint 501029 Its Snow Use 25:52
Wanted a Husband 25:52
Return of Harry Morgan 28:19
The Saint 501112 The Dame On The Doorstep 56:53
Plot in Prison 28:14
The Saint 56:43
The Terrible Tintype 28:24
The Young Detective 28:26
The Monkey 28:06
The Saint 501217 Simon Minds The Baby 56:27
The Fight 28:06
Christmas Eve Problems 28:14
The Saint 501224 Santa Claus Is No Saint 56:44
The Saint 510107 Ladies Never Lie Much 29:21
The Saint 510114 Simon Takes A Curtain Call Aka The Aging.Mp3 58:56
The Actor 29:20
The Tuba 29:06
The Carnival 28:50
The Missing Bridegroom 28:33
The Saint 510218 Next Of Kin 27:49
Noon Deadline 27:48
The Amnesia Victim 28:04
The Saint 510225 The Big Swindle 28:04
The Furniture Move 28:24
The Saint 510304 The What-Not What Got Hot 28:24
The Saint 510311 Button Button 28:18
The Shipboard Mystery 28:19
The Saint 510318 The Birds And Bees Of East Orange 28:26
The Bookstore Murder 28:26
The Saint 510325 Formula For Death 28:33
The Intruder 28:33
The Saint 510401 Simon Carries The Ivy 27:47
The College Campus Threat 27:47
The Saint 510408 Ghost Who Came To Dinner 27:56
Hawthorne House Mystery 27:56
The Saint 510415 Strange Bedfellows 30:04
The Saint 510422 The Lady Who Learned 28:24
The Saint 510429 Fishes Gotta Eat 28:16
The Missing Husband 28:17
The Red Rose 28:58
The Saint 510527 Childrens Crusade 28:59
The Military Instructor 28:59
The Train 28:09
The Saint 510624 Peter the Great 25:20
The Cowboy 28:06
Missing Angel 29:00
The Saint 510715 No My Darling Daughter 29:05
The Nursemaid 29:05
The Saint 950828 Saint Overboard 57:26
The Saint 950904 The Saint Plays With Fire 56:55
The Saint 950911 The Saint Closes The Case 56:08


The Saintliest of Them All

(5 stars)

Leslie Charteris' character Simon Templar, The Saint, is one of the most durable creations in modern genre fiction. The hero of a series of novels and short stories, Simon has been portrayed in movies, two television series, comics books, comic strips, and had a mystery magazine as well. For those who know Simon best from the Roger Moore television series, or perhaps Val Kilmer's version in the most recent movie, it may be useful to go back to the roots of the character as Mr. Charteris created him. Perhaps the character was best summed up in the title "The Brighter Bucanneer". The real Saint was (and is) larger than life, swaggering and self confident. He had looks, wealth, and a clearly exaggerated sense of his own wit and abilities -- although his abilities were on a par with such comic book not-quite-super powered characters as BatMan and Captain America. In contrast to the Saint of the novels and stories, he has been portrayed most often as an almost run of the mill detective -- losing much of what made him unique. Roger Moore's Saint even drove a Volvo! These portrayals lacked the larger than life spirit that was The Saint. George Sanders, the best known movie Saint even seemed a bit melancholy. Of all the actors who played the role, only Mr. Price, with the voice of The Laughing Cavalier, was able to bring to life the true character that Mr. Charteris created. While the scripts have the same essential limitations as those of most radio mysteries, Mr. Price comes closer to offering the true Saint than any performer before or since. Again, this is radio, and the format doesn't allow The Saint to save the world, prevent wars, or defeat master criminals -- but it doesn't matter, because this Saint, with Vincent Price, is ther closest thing to the real Saint that you can hope to find.

The REAL Saint

(3 stars)

This portrayal is the closest to the real Price. He had great taste in art and food, but one person's admiration for high culture is another's dislike for a snob. Don't mistake me, it's a good, light-hearted series. It simply lacks much suspense with Vinny (he didn't mind the nickname) just too cool to be scared. I came to the character through the b&w TV series with suave Roger Moore, who seemed a better fit for charm and showing emotions. Price is a little stand-offish, simply too detached from the danger. Still, a good solid series for which I am grateful. Thanx.


(0 stars)

This is an archive, so it has duplicates and imperfect names. The reason there are duplicate shows is that this gives recordings of two separate broadcasts, so that it's possible to fix bad patches in one recording with good patches from another. If you have groomed these recordings, then you can upload them yourself and just note that it has been "groomed." I.e., "The Saint with Vincent Price (groomed)" Then, in your description, include the fact that you changed the names of the files and removed duplicates. In the case of duplicates, please choose the file with the better sound quality.

Fakes! Who'd be daft enough to bother!

(0 stars)

The last three recordings are actually from Radio 4 extra, and were first broadcast Christmas 2012/13. They have been doctored by mixing them with various snatches of other OTR programs in the background, and then the bitrate has been dropped and brought back up again in a rediculous attempt to make them sound old. 2 questions spring to mind. 1 - who would consider it worth doing such a stupid thing? and 2 - why do it so badly :~)

(4 stars)

An enjoyable lighter and slightly humorous twist on typical private investigator series but when you reach somewhere around the last third of the recording nearly every episode is duplicated so that you must skip every other episode. Then, when you reach the last 6.5hrs, or so, the background static becomes constantly intrusive. The two, combined, exceed my tolerance threshold, even when Vincent Price is involved. This still leaves a HUGE block of exceedingly enjoyable episodes, though.

Great show although Vincent Price may have been miscast.

(3 stars)

This is good radio show but it gives me mixed feelings. I am a fan of Vincent Price but I don't always like how he comes across in this series. I think he was going for suave and cavalier but sometimes he seems callous or even misogynistic. But the stories are interesting and the production values are excellent.

Vincent Price

(5 stars)

A rennaissance man? Certainly. I have always enjoyed vp's performances. . I think (like Peter Cushing) his genius was to play each part as if it was written by a genius - even though he appeared in some real howlers. (See the tingler. .). Wait a minute ... thinking about it - he managed to make the tingler interesting. A good dude.

The Saint and Vincent Price

(3 stars)

I wasn't sure what Vincent Price would be like as Simon Templar, but I have to say what a breath of fresh air it was to hear these wonderful stories. Price shows real genius and obvious joy in his performance. I have recommended this site to friends and family and know how much they will enjoy these classic shows.