Tom Mix

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Old Time Radio Western, Tom Mix

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The Most wonded lawman

(3 stars)

I think it was in a broadcast of this that they state that Tom was wonded 57 times. Enjoyed all the shows he did, and met him one day at a public appearance at the Campus Theatre, on s/e corner of Santa Monica Blvd/Vermont Avenue. Even got a pair of spurs where the star shaped thing on the end glowed in the dark - wow - really something to me back then. **Just a short note added, of course I know that Tom Mix was an actor and NOT a "lawman," I was relating to the radio show. HOWEVER, did you know that Tom Mix was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department's "Aero Police," true, and he did have a badge. He used HIS Biplane. Along with other famous people who had their own airplanes. 1930's - 1940's**

confused "review" and duplicates

(2 stars)

Tom Mix was an actor, not a lawman, and other actors portray Tom Mix in this series. The series itself is mediocre, and certainly not helped by the lack of complete stories. Unfortunately, several files are misnamed or corrupt and give the impression that some of the mysteries are complete. Tm1945-08-10VanishingVillagePart1 = Tm1945-08-13VanishingVillagePart2 Tm1948-04-27HurricaneHorsePart1= Tm1948-04-28HurricaneHorsePart2 Tm1948-08-27IncHurricaneHorsePart4 consists of the music intro only - it's just 0:30 Tm1947-04-22TheWomanInGray is inaudible from 12:55 on

Nice to hear again

(4 stars)

I listened to the show in 1948 and went through tons of Ralston breakfast food. Just hearing to a few minutes of programming brings back pleasant memories. Thanks

Karen s.

(2 stars)

So many episodes are missing that you can't make sense of it. Sound quality could be better.