The Book of Lies

Read by P. J. Taylor

(3.8 stars; 146 reviews)

The Book of Lies, or Liber 333, is a holy book in the Western occult tradition of Thelema, consisting of 91 short chapters of poems, aphorisms, rituals, and metaphysics. This recording is of the original 1913 publication, and thus omits the further commentaries added by Crowley for subsequent additions. Those familiar with Crowley’s hermetic writings will recognize his subversive and playful style. Beneath the layers of symbolism, contradiction, and blasphemy lies a biting critique of the puritanical social, political, and religious values of the author’s generation. - Summary by P. J. Taylor (1 hr 34 min)


Chapters 0-50 55:18 Read by P. J. Taylor
Chapters 51-91 38:44 Read by P. J. Taylor


make of it what thou wilt

(4 stars)

Occult eccentric

(4 stars)

Crowley's book of 91 lies. The reader had a perfectly deep and intense like a ceremonial ritual leader. I liked how he described the illustrations in the book for listeners. Thank you!

excellent narrator

(5 stars)

one of the best readers

A+++ Thanks

(5 stars)

Great recording. Thank you.

Fools understand little but review much

(5 stars)

This book is packed full of occult correspondences and references that are lost on the feeble masses. Just look at the reviews on here. People hate what they are too stupid to understand! None of the people giving this low ratings could even begin to comprehend the insane amount of cryptic messages hidden in this gem. As a matter of fact this very book resulted in Crowley taking over the secret society of OTO, as OTO confronted him for publishing their highest secret...but as an idiot here said he made it up as he went along? haha right. He made up knowing the most hidden occult knowledge? Fools appears even more foolish when they speak. They are all Eyes of Hoor! Hahahaha!

(5 stars)

Those who listen, and not think about want is written, will not understand this book. Open your mind the Gate is there, walk though. Study the time period early 1900 to late 1880-? The time of mystics , and forbidden knowledge. Go do your homework now. The Gate of Knowledge awaits you. KAHLIL .


(5 stars)

some great advice. some funny honesty "To the base, all things are base. To the pure all things are pure." ~KYBALION .... Crowley appears very base to me.

not enough lies

(4.5 stars)

I expect more lies to be in all my heretical books. Also the readers voice was way to squeaky