The Dunwich Horror

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.5 stars; 1008 reviews)

In a rundown farmhouse near isolated, rural Dunwich, a bizarre family conjures and nurtures an evil entity from another realm, with the purpose of destroying the world and delivering it to ancient gods to rule, and only an aged university librarian can stop them. The Dunwich Horror was first published in 1929 in Weird Tales. (Summary by Mark Nelson) (1 hr 55 min)


Part 1, Chapters 1 - 4 37:27 Read by Mark Nelson
Part 2, Chapters 5 - 7 36:14 Read by Mark Nelson
Part 3, Chapters 8 - 10 41:49 Read by Mark Nelson


the reader sounds exactly like the reader off mass effect 123

(3.5 stars)


(5 stars)

a terrificly creepy story and really well read! there are some blatant racist words in there but if you listen to it (which you should) if you like these stories then you should remember that when it was written they probably didn't know what racism was! the voices he does in this are fantastic and I could picture them really well. hope I can find more with him reading. And if you like his voice try Mike Bennett too!

Fascinatinf story and great reading

(5 stars)

Love the level of performance here. Classy and subtle but still exciting and with lots of accents to differentiate people. The story is interesting and exciting and has lots of info to keep me going in my HPL investigations.

fun apocalyptic terror

(4.5 stars)

fantasy? horror? science fiction? psychological thriller? it's a weird tale representative of the metaphysical speculations of the early 20th Century mixed with Jungian tropes of Psyche and Symbol. it is also read very well. I am getting hooked by the mythos.

Great short horror story

(5 stars)

Lovecraft fashion through and through. A great little tale of mystery and mysticism with imagery that chills and makes one feel as if walking in the shaking books of the story's charcters.

The Dunwich Horror

(5 stars)

The ending gets me every time I've read this. "It looked more like the father than he did" makes you really think about the whole mess that the book built up to.

Great combo of story and reader

(5 stars)

This one is a great story, nice and creepy and lots of interesting details and so on. The reader really gives it the right perspective. What a treat!

this is my favorite horror book well read

(5 stars)

This book gives me the chills but I love it. Also it’s just packet full of good stuff I just love H.P. love craft 😁👻