Mont Oriol: or A Romance of Auvergne

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(4.5 stars; 2 reviews)

Young bride Christiane arrives in Auvergne to "take the waters" with her husband, described as "a sickly flower, or a sucking pig with its hair shaved off." But rather than the relaxing family vacation she expects, she finds herself the center of a conspiracy between her father, the Marquis, and the "fossil" medical team in an effort to solve the problem of a lack of heir. Suddenly the discovery of a new spa throws the resort into disarray and brings a lowly family to prominence. Romantic intrigue, financial speculation, satire in the medical profession, a social commentary on the status of women, are all delivered in de Maupassant's picturesque prose. (Lynne Thompson) (9 hr 42 min)


The Spa 42:26 Read by Lisa Reichert
The Discovery 27:13 Read by Lynne T
Bargaining 35:07 Read by Lisa Reichert
A Test and an Avowal 35:09 Read by Lisa Reichert
Developments 22:05 Read by Lynne T
On the Brink 36:15 Read by Lisa Reichert
Attainment part 1 20:38 Read by Bill Boerst
Attainment part 2 30:05 Read by Bill Boerst
Organization 38:56 Read by Bill Boerst
The Spa Again part 1 34:56 Read by OCTL7
The Spa Again part 2 29:07 Read by Lisa Reichert
Gontran's Choice 48:24 Read by Lisa Reichert
A Mutual Understanding part 1 24:36 Read by Lynne T
A Mutual Understanding part 2 27:42 Read by Lynne T
A Betrothal 36:43 Read by Anna Simon
Paul Changes His Mind 24:35 Read by Lynne T
Christiane's Via Crucis part 1 33:14 Read by Anna Simon
Christiane's Via Crucis part 2 35:33 Read by Anna Simon


(4 stars)

Wonderful story however one chapter is practically unintelligible. I wish those with thick accents or who struggle to pronounce English would read in their fluent language(s). It really interrupted the flow of of an otherwise well read book.