Read by Jael Baldwin

(4.6 stars; 36 reviews)

Cornelli lives in Iller-Stream with her widowed father, who calls on two Ladies of Culture to come spend time with Cornelli during one of his business trips, hoping that their influence will refine and improve his daughter. Instead, the ladies prove to have no real love for Cornelli, and she, being a sensitive soul, turns inward and becomes sullen and uncooperative. A boy who comes on a visit to Iller-Stream for his health befriends her, and this begins a chain of events that turn Cornelli's life right-side up again. (Summary by Jael Baldwin) (4 hr 23 min)


Foreward 2:27 Read by Jael Baldwin
I - Beside the Roaring Iller-Stream 21:32 Read by Jael Baldwin
II - Up in the Top Story 23:25 Read by Jael Baldwin
III - New Appearances in Iller-Stream 24:13 Read by Jael Baldwin
IV - The Unwished-for Happens 26:56 Read by Jael Baldwin
V - A Newcomer in Iller-Stream 20:16 Read by Jael Baldwin
VI - A Friend Is Found 27:51 Read by Jael Baldwin
VII - A New Sorrow 23:07 Read by Jael Baldwin
VIII - A Mother 29:05 Read by Jael Baldwin
IX - A Great Change 25:27 Read by Jael Baldwin
X - New Life in Iller-Stream 39:36 Read by Jael Baldwin


(4 stars)

A delightful story of contrasts; love and trust verses despair and hopelessness kindness verses criticism and it’s end result. Young Friendship and Faithfulness , would recommend to tall and small 🙂

heartwarming; beautifully read

(4 stars)

5 stars for the reading! Jael is a skillful narrator with a nice voice that is very appropriate for the story. 3-4 stars for the book. It's a heartwarming story of children with the usual trials and tribulations, and a happy ending. That's likely quite enough for most people. But I'm not sure about the central plat device; would a 10 year old take those words so literally? I'm also not on board with Spyri's particular Christian theology, but it's no different here than in the famous Heidi books, or the less well known but equally well crafted Moni the Goat-Boy.


(5 stars)

If only all stepmothers (and mothers) were like this one! If only all of us had the wisdom and faith of old Martha!

(5 stars)

very nice story. Lots of good came out of people being kind and gentle. There was a lovely relationship amongst them.Thoroughly recommend it.

love over All

(5 stars)

wonderful book on the transforming power of God's love lived out through the Believer.

precious story

(5 stars)

Excellent Reader and a precious story. I throughly enjoyed it!