Saints and Heroes Since the Middle Ages Volume 2

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(4.6 stars; 8 reviews)

In this second volume, Hodges uses stories of the lives of fourteen well-known saints and heroes of the faith to continue the history of the church from the end of the Reformation through the 1700s. These stories recount their lives and sacrifices for the faith. These saints and heroes include: Luther, More, Loyola, Cranmer, Calvin, Knox, Coligny, William the Silent, Brewster, Laud, Cromwell, Bunyan, Fox, and Wesley. Appropriate and beneficial for children and adults! - Summary by Maggie Travers (5 hr 28 min)


Luther 1483-1546 25:03 Read by JoeBlu
More 1478-1535 20:25 Read by Jeff Moon
Loyola 1491-1556 21:52 Read by JudyDerby
Cranmer 1489-1556 27:03 Read by Melvin Lee
Calvin 1509-1564 21:09 Read by Lazlo
Knox 1505-1572 25:29 Read by Melvin Lee
Coligny 1519-1572 25:53 Read by Melvin Lee
William the Silent 1533-1584 20:47 Read by Sanja Bonic
Brewster 1560-1644 22:26 Read by Melvin Lee
Laud 1573-1645 22:19 Read by LindseyS
Cromwell 1599-1658 28:35 Read by Jon Smith
Bunyan 1628-1688 20:46 Read by Maggie Travers
Fox 1624-1691 21:08 Read by Melvin Lee
Wesley 1703-1791 25:40 Read by George Thomas



(3.5 stars)

The writer offers short-sketch overviews of famous religious leaders, complete with oft unsubstantiated tales of their diverse journeys. It is completely ecumenical, not attempting to classify the actions as orthodox or heretical. It is somewhat useful for a quick overview of each personage, but do not take any of the stories as completely true.

(5 stars)

It is a great book if you like information about the history of the Christian church. I thoroughly enjoyed it.