Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished

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(3.7 stars; 5 reviews)

A runaway carriage, a spunky little girl, and a street urchin combine on the first page of Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished: a Tale of City Arab Life in a hilarious combination that you won't want to leave. This story shows first hand what 'city arabs' have to face day by day and the impact Christians can make. - Summary by Adele de Pignerolles (8 hr 43 min)


An Accident and some of its Curious Results 16:19 Read by Joseph DeNoia
The Irresistible Power of Love 5:59 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Poverty Manages to Board out her Infant for Nothing 19:46 Read by Lynne T
Samuel Twitter Astonishes Mrs Twitter and Her Friends 14:39 Read by Lynne T
Treats still further of Riches, Poverty, Babies, and Police 11:21 Read by Kathleen Moore
Wealth pays a Visit to Poverty 35:38 Read by Kathleen Moore
Bicycling and its Occasional Results 17:23 Read by Mike Pelton
A Great and Memorable Day 23:15 Read by Mike Pelton
How the Poor are Succoured 26:36 Read by Mike Pelton
Balls, Bobby, Sir Richard, and Giles appear on the Stage 25:42 Read by Rachel
Sir Richard and Mr Brisbane discuss, and Di listens 14:04 Read by MaryAnn
Sammy Twitter's Fall 17:28 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Tells of some Vigorous and Peculiarities of the Lower Orders 13:16 Read by Kalynda
Number 666 Off Duty 15:07 Read by Adele de Pignerolles
Mrs Frog sinks Deeper and Deeper 24:03 Read by April6090
Sir Richard visits the Beehive, and sees many Surprising Things 23:08 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Things become too hot for the Twitter Family 11:39 Read by Harley James
The Ocean and the New World 28:26 Read by jenno
At Home in Canada 14:36 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Occupations at Brankly Farm 12:03 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Treats of Altered Circumstances and Blue-Ribbonism 22:40 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Ned Frog's Experiences and Sammy Twitter's Woes 17:21 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Hopes Revive 22:36 Read by Joseph DeNoia
The Returning Prodigal 12:45 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Canada again--and Surprising News 15:30 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Happy Meetings 15:29 Read by Robin
A Strange Visit and its Results 13:55 Read by Robin
The Great Change 9:22 Read by Joseph DeNoia
Home Again 13:46 Read by Joseph DeNoia
The New Home 9:28 Read by Joseph DeNoia


voice ruined the story

(2 stars)

the guy reading most of the story ruined the whole thing for me. rarely do I leave a book mid-story, but I could not finish this. I have no clue if the book was well written or not. I could hardly even follow the plot bc the voice was so irritatong.