The de Bercy Affair

Read by Lee Smalley

(4.5 stars; 112 reviews)

A beautiful French actress with concealed origins and a clandestine involvement with a group of anarchists is brutally murdered in London. Circumstances lead Scotland Yard to several suspects, including her wealthy American fiancé, a couple of the anarchists, and even a respected “Yard” detective. The search for the killer sets off an absorbing mystery with an interesting cast of characters and plot twists. Gordon Holmes is a pen-name of Louis Tracy (1863-1928), a British journalist and prolific writer of fiction.
(Lee Smalley) (7 hr 52 min)


Some Phases of the Problem 21:48 Read by Lee Smalley
Darkness 20:35 Read by Lee Smalley
A Change of Address 27:45 Read by Lee Smalley
The New Life 20:56 Read by Lee Smalley
The Missing Blade 31:03 Read by Lee Smalley
To Tormouth 27:36 Read by Lee Smalley
At Tormouth 30:42 Read by Lee Smalley
At the Sun-Dial 32:04 Read by Lee Smalley
The Letter 32:17 Read by Lee Smalley
The Diary, and Rosalind 31:20 Read by Lee Smalley
Entrapped! 26:27 Read by Lee Smalley
The Saracen Dagger 25:54 Read by Lee Smalley
Osborne Makes A Vow 32:55 Read by Lee Smalley
The Arrests 28:19 Read by Lee Smalley
Clearing the Air 29:43 Read by Lee Smalley
Wherein Two Women Take the Field 27:39 Read by Lee Smalley
The Closing Scene 25:52 Read by Lee Smalley


Ignore Ms. Elizabeth

(5 stars)

Ms. Elizabeth must have reviewed the wrong book as this reader is perfect. I almost skipped this book because I thought it would involve politics as anarchists were mentioned. It's just a good whodunit which is my preference. Anarchy isn't a subject. Some suspects just happen to be anarchists. There's some love thrown in as well but it's not mushy. The only thing I didn't like was that Forneau was often disrespectful of his job & friendship with his boss, Winter. He often went rogue & kept secrets he shouldn't have. I didn't like some of his reasons for what wrong things he did. Clark had appropriate reasons for investigating secretly. Winter should've apologized to Clark for handing over his case to Forneau & should've at least punished if not fired Forneau. Still, this is a very good book that I finished in a day.

A Compelling Mystery

(5 stars)

The brutal murder of a beautiful French actress who wasn't what she seemed. Scotland Yard inspectors in conflict. Jealous women at each other's throats. At least four plausable suspects. Many skillfully plotted twists and turns that are neatly tied together in a final chapter without any lingering plot holes. A real page-turner (so to speak). Good reader.

(5 stars)

this book hits most of the human emotions, which is fairly astounding!

2nd chance listening

(4 stars)

I decided to read the book before listening. The chaos I believed also happens in my reading. The author does not state who is speaking at times, or when a new subject is begining between the three detectives. I also found some Brit slang I was not familiar with. Once I adjusted those negatives, I was able to enjoy this mystery. I did have to replay certain parts and had to stay focused. I would say it was worth it.

Surprisingly Good

(4 stars)

i really thought this was going to be a body in the library affair, somewhat stodgy, but a good commuting book. Instead, this is a very strongly plotted story, where the mystery is as much which Scotland Yard inspector is going to solve the case, as the actual murderer. Highly recommended for a long trip -- as this one's story really does not let up. Also, this is quite well read, so kudos to the reader as well.

Good mystery

(5 stars)

Warning: Lori K's review includes a spoiler, so skip it if you want to enjoy the full mystery. Elizabeth's review seems to be completely misplaced, as the story and narrator were too clear to allow for confusion. As for the story, it was a well-crafted mystery and the reader was perfect. Definitely worth a listen.

This book is awesomely written. The reader is splendid.

(5 stars)

I hate all the characters, they are so real and so STUPID in their behavior. The young, stupid in love. The older stupid in their spite. Only Clarke, used his wits, wish there was more of a detective about him. Listen to it...Lol... You'll love it!


(5 stars)

A delightfully woven tale of love, deceit, and mystery. At times it seemed that, a la "Murder on the Orient Express," everyone did it. At other times it almost seemed that we would never know who did it. You should enjoy this one. Kudos to the reader for an excellent narration.