Nietzsche on Mind and Nature

(4.5 stars; 15 reviews)

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The Genealogy of Guilt 1:00:20 Read by Bernard Reginster
Nietzsche on Soul in Nature 35:49 Read by Graham Parkes
Who is the 'Sovereign Individual?' Nietzsche on Freedom 47:50 Read by Brian Leiter
Consciousness, Language and Nature: Nietzsche's Philosophy of Mind and Nature 1:06:24 Read by Gunter Abel
Nietzsche's Metaphysics 47:35 Read by Galen Strawson
Nietzsche's Value Monism - Saying Yes to Everything 1:08:04 Read by John Richardson
Nietzsche Source. Scholarly Nietzsche editions on the web 29:55 Read by Paolo D’Iorio


Nietzsche On Mind and Nature

(5 stars)

I really love these Oxford Lectures. I've listened to a few of them. You really learn a lot on subjects that your interested in. It just so happens I finished the last book I had to read out of the Nietzsche collection. So this was a nice bonus.....

(3.5 stars)

I really liked the presenter who talked about Nietzsche dualistic positions. Some presentations where hard to follow in audio format.

(4 stars)

Some of the lectures were easier to hear than others.