Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) conference podcasts

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Amnesty: A transisitonal justice mechanism? 11:11 Read by Andrew Reiter
Media Research 15:03 Read by Aimable Twahirwa
The role of the media in South Korean Truth Commissions 18:15 Read by Hun Joon Kim
Response to panel 3 6:40 Read by Leigh Payne
Testimonials analysis, use and aftermath part 2 23:26 Read by Roya Boroumand
Testimonials analysis, use and aftermath 10:03 Read by Roya Boroumand
Responses for Panel 2 10:15 Read by Phil Clerk
The methods used to research, design and implement traditional justice processes 15:25 Read by Marlon Alberto Weichert
Political analysis of the politics of justice 18:58 Read by Irenee Bugingo
The Ixil people and genocide 17:45 Read by Luis Roderigo Salvapo Mijangos
Trials mapping as impact measurement: Examples from Latin America 27:25 Read by Cath Collins
The impact of transitional justice after serious human rights violations. transi… 22:40 Read by Kathryn Sikkink and Geoff Dancy
Narrative interviews as a method for analysing claims to expertise and impact: T… 18:42 Read by Briony Jones
Speaking of silences: gender, violence and redress 24:40 Read by Kimberly Theidon
Anthropology, Politics, and the study of international trials 22:28 Read by Tim Kelsall
Epistemologies from below: Trials and Tribulations of population-based research … 27:13 Read by Stephen Parmentier
ICP-OTP's ways of knowing Crimes and Fighting Impunity 19:39 Read by Emeric Rogier
Beyond Kampala: Taking Stock of the ICC: Current Issues and Future Prospects 42:31 Read by Darryl Robinson, Phil Clark and Donald Ferencz
Beyond Kampala: The State of State Practice on Aggression 38:20 Read by Astrid Reisinger Coracini, Robbie Manson, Bill Wilson and Deborah Ruiz Verduzco
Beyond Kampala: What Happened in Kampala? 30:23 Read by William Schabas, Noah Weisbord, Stefan Barriga and Jackson Maogoto
Beyond Kampala: The ICC, the Crime of Aggression, and the Future of the Court - … 40:07 Read by Hans-Peter Kaul
Impunity versus Accountability in Uruguay: The Role of 'la Ley de Caducidad' 25:28 Read by Elin Skaar
Creeks of Justice: Debating Post-Atrocity Accountability in Rwanda and Uganda 26:22 Read by Phil Clark
Cross-National Perspectives on Amnesties 18:31 Read by Louise Mallinder
Amnesty, Consequentialism, and Deferred Judgments 18:54 Read by Leslie Vinjamuri
Impunity in Latin America: National Courts and Continuing Challenges 22:24 Read by Naomi Roht Arriaza
The Age of Accountability: The Rise of Individual Criminal Accountability 20:23 Read by Geoff Dancy
Amnesty and the Inter-American Human Rights System 21:23 Read by Par Engstrom
The Status of Domestic Amnesties in International Criminal Law 20:27 Read by Max Pensky
Memory and National Reconciliation: The Amnesty Impasse in the Unfinished Brazil… 21:46 Read by José Carlos Moreira da Silva Filho
Amnesty and Recognition: The Process of Social (Dis)integration of the Brazilian… 22:52 Read by Roberta Caminero Baggio
Reasons for the Effectiveness of the Amnesty Law in Brazil and Alternatives for … 23:22 Read by Paulo Abrão
Amnesty in Brazil: An Open Debate (in Portuguese) 31:23 Read by Jessie Jane Vieira de Souza
Sudan in Transition? Symposium Opening remarks 4:19 Read by David Anderson
Human Rights in the Future of Sudan(s) 18:24 Read by Lutz Oette
The Future of Sudanese Civil Society, North and South 20:08 Read by Joanna Oyediran
Conflict, Corruption and Long-Term Challenges for Southern Sudan 15:31 Read by Mawan Muortat
Genocide, War Crimes and the Two Sudans: Can There Be Reconciliation? 26:05 Read by Sondra Hale
The Economics of Southern Sudan's Referendum: Oil, Water and Agriculture in Nort… 22:59 Read by Harry Verhoeven
Southern Independence: Implications for Politics and Conflict in the North 29:59 Read by Sharath Srinivasan
The Referendum and the Future of Sudan 19:46 Read by Ahmed al-Shahi
Southern Independence: Implications for Politics and Conflict in the North 29:59 Read by Sharath Srinivasan
The Referendum and the Future of Sudan 19:46 Read by Ahmed al-Shahi