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Brain Science and the Military 46:56 Read by Jonathan Moreno
2015 Wellcome & Loebel Lecture in Neuroethics: Death and the self 45:39 Read by Shaun Nichols
2015 Leverhulme Lecture (3): Marshmallows and Moderation 50:46 Read by Neil Levy
2015 Leverhulme Lecture (2): The Science of Self-Control 55:38 Read by Neil Levy
2015 Leverhulme Lecture (1): Self-Control: A problem of self-management 39:04 Read by Neil Levy
St Cross Seminar: On Swearing 31:41 Read by Rebecca Roache
St Cross Seminar: Mere Practicality? Infants, interests and the value of life 1:07:22 Read by Richard Hain
2014 Uehiro Lecture (3): The Question of Legal Rights for Animals 56:37 Read by Christine M. Korsgaard
2014 Uehiro Lecture (2): The Moral Standing of Animals 56:31 Read by Christine M. Korsgaard
2014 Uehiro Lecture (1): Animals, Human Beings, and Persons 55:21 Read by Christine M. Korsgaard
St Cross Seminar: Natural Human Rights: A Theory 59:19 Read by Michael Boylan
Bioethics and the Burden of Proof 47:16 Read by Michael Selgelid
Implicit Moral Attitudes 46:08 Read by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
The Dappled Causal World of Psychiatric Disorders: The Link Between the Classifi… 57:17 Read by Kenneth S Kendler
The Genetic Epidemiology of Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders: Multiple … 1:38:28 Read by Kenneth S Kendler
Special Seminar: The enhancement debate: trusting emotion or trusting reason - … 43:52 Read by Tony Coady
St Cross Seminar: What counts as a placebo is relative to a target disorder and … 35:15 Read by Jeremy Howick
St Cross Seminar: "I wouldn’t have consented if I’d known that could happen": Co… 44:31 Read by Tom Walker
2013 Annual Uehiro Lecture (3): Equal Opportunity 1:59:17 Read by Tim Scanlon, John Broome, Janet Radcliffe-Richards and David Miller
2013 Annual Uehiro Lecture (2): Equal Status 52:46 Read by Tim Scanlon
2013 Annual Uehiro Lecture (1): Equal Treatment 52:22 Read by Tim Scanlon
Uehiro Seminar: Is Networking Immoral? 46:07 Read by Ned Dobos
St Cross Seminar: Genetic parenthood, assisted reproduction, and the values of p… 49:56 Read by Justin Oakley
2013 Wellcome Lecture in Neuroethics: The Irresponsible Self: Self bias changes… 33:23 Read by Glyn Humphries
Uehiro Seminar: Do antidepressants work and if so how? 49:12 Read by Phil Cowen
Uehiro Seminar: Cyborg justice: human enhancement and punishment 58:55 Read by Rebecca Roache, Anders Sandberg and Hannah Maslen
Uehiro Seminar: The struggle between liberties and authorities in the informatio… 38:38 Read by Mariarosaria Taddeo
St Cross Seminar: Neither God nor Nature. Could the doping sinner be an exemplar… 48:00 Read by Pieter Bonte
Uehiro Seminar: Ethics and Expectations: Part II 48:07 Read by Seth Lazar
Virtuous Climate Making? Towards a Virtue-Theoretic Approach to Geoengineering 1:16:39 Read by Pak-Hang Wong
The Ethics of Infant Male Circumcision 52:46 Read by Brian Earp
TT13 Uehiro Seminar: Attention, Action, and Responsibility 1:26:26 Read by Carolyn Dicey Jennings
Using Religion to Justify Violence 36:25 Read by Steve Clarke
2nd St Cross Seminar TT13: Ethics In Finance: A New Financial Theory For A Post-… 51:51 Read by Dr Kara Tan Bhala
Folk Psychology, the Reactive Attitudes and Responsibility 52:04 Read by Jeanette Kennett
Uehiro Seminar: The current laws on drugs and alcohol - ineffective, dishonest a… 1:13:32 Read by David Nutt
Uehiro Special Double Seminar: Enhancement 1:56:19 Read by Rob Sparrow and Chris Gyngell
1st St Cross Seminar TT13: Precarious (bio)ethics: research on poisoning patient… 40:26 Read by Salla Sariola
Uehiro Seminar: Rescuing Responsibility from the Retributivists - Neuroscience, … 41:30 Read by Frej Klem Thomsen
Astor Keynote Lecture: What Rights May be Defended by Means of War? 55:42 Read by Jeff McMahan
Effective Philanthropy: How much good can we achieve? 49:17 Read by Toby Ord and Harry Shannon
Opening the Black Box: Examining the Deliberation of Assisted Reproductive Techn… 30:51 Read by Kyle Edwards
Uehiro Seminar: The Value of Uncertainty 48:57 Read by Peter Taylor and Jerome Ravetz
Uehiro Seminar: Psychopaths and responsibility 52:20 Read by Neil Levy
Debate: The Value of Life 1:01:00 Read by John Broome and Jeff McMahan
1st St Cross Seminar HT13: Two Conceptions of Children's Welfare 1:20:17 Read by Anthony Skelton
Uehiro Seminar: Sleep and Opportunity for Well-being 42:20 Read by Alexandre Erler
If I could just stop loving you: Anti-love drugs and the ethics of a chemical br… 40:33 Read by Brian Earp
Sex in a Shifting Landscape Lecture Three: Oxford Uehiro Lectures 2012 58:44 Read by Janet Radcliffe-Richards
Sex in a Shifting Landscape Lecture Two:Oxford Uehiro Lectures 2012 49:58 Read by Janet Radcliffe-Richards
2012 Leverhulme Lecture 1: Some Problems about Religion in the Political Sphere:… 47:33 Read by Tony Coady
2012 Leverhulme Lecture 2: Reason, Religion and Public Discourse in a Liberal De… 51:39 Read by Tony Coady
2012 Leverhulme Lecture 3: Religious Virtues, Democratic Virtues and their inter… 51:26 Read by Tony Coady
Sex in a Shifting Landscape Lecture One: Oxford Uehiro Lectures 2012 49:07 Read by Janet Radcliffe-Richards
The bad seed: facts and values in the study of childhood antisocial behaviour 1:33:06 Read by Gwen Adshead
The Possibility of Religious-Secular Ethical Engagement Debate 1: Abortion 38:37 Read by Charles Camosy and Julian Savulescu
The Possibility of Religious-Secular Ethical Engagement Debate 2: Euthanasia 38:34 Read by Charles Camosy and Julian Savulescu
Uehiro Seminar: The Ethics of Creating Designer Babies 1:22:40 Read by Julian Savulescu
Experimental Evidence for Morality As Accountability 1:30:00 Read by Stephen Darwall
When the mind matters for morality 1:12:00 Read by Liane Young
Accepting our natures. When should we accept the ways people tend to behave; whe… 1:27:00 Read by Kwame Anthony Appiah
When Can('t) We Trust Our Moral Intuitions in Distributive Cases? 1:28:00 Read by Alex Voorhoeve
Science, Responsibility and The Traffic Participation View on Human Agency 1:12:00 Read by Maureen Sie
SRC Conference 'Reducing Religious Conflict': Round Table Discussion 1:17:00 Read by Roger Trigg, Scott Atran and Julian Savulescu
How Might Understanding Human Groups Help Address Religious Conflict? 1:09:00 Read by Paul Troop
Local versus Global Dimensions of Religious Violence: The Case of the Caucasus 1:12:00 Read by Monica Toft
Intergroup Contact as a Means of Reducing Religious Conflict: Evidence from Belf… 1:03:00 Read by Miles Hewstone
Religion and Religious Conflict: A Secular View 1:19:00 Read by Julian Savuelscu
Civility and Deep Disagreement: Philosophical Reflections on Religious Differenc… 1:15:00 Read by Tony Coady
Religion in Conflict and Peacemaking, with Particular Reference to South Africa 1:15:00 Read by Liz Carmichael
Religious and Sacred Imperatives in Human Conflict 1:28:00 Read by Scott Atran
Can Emotion Regulation Change Political Attitudes in Intractable and Religious C… 1:23:00 Read by Eran Halperin
Wellcome Lecture in Neuroethics 59:00 Read by Wayne Hall
Counter-terrorism and its Ethical Hazards 1:25:00 Read by Tony Coady
Philosophical Theory and the Justification of Terrorism 1:30:00 Read by Tony Coady
St Cross Seminar: Informing Egg Donors of the Potential for Embryonic Research 1:20:00 Read by G Owen Schaefer
Geoengineering: Science, politics and ethics 59:00 Read by Clive Hamilton
The Ethics of Entertainment: a case study of Popular Cinema in China and India 1:00:04 Read by Karanjeet de Feo-Giet
Lecture: Rumour, conspiracy theory and propaganda 1:26:00 Read by David Coady
St Cross Seminar HT12: Cooperation, altruism and cheating in micro-organisms 1:02:06 Read by Lorenzo Santorelli
Foundations of Rights of Access to the Benefits of Science in International Law 34:24 Read by Aurora Plomer
The Secular Problem of Evil 1:23:19 Read by John Kekes
A Religious Conception of Evil 1:14:44 Read by Steve Clarke
Narratives of Entitlement 1:14:58 Read by Arne Johan Vetlesen
The Challenges of Global and Local Misogyny 1:23:03 Read by Claudia Card
Moral Enhancement and the Duty to Eliminate Evildoing 1:12:22 Read by Shlomit Harrosh
Can We Treat Evil? 1:13:17 Read by Gwen Adshead
What Use Is the Concept of Evil to Us? 1:12:11 Read by Eve Garrard
EU ban on hESC Patents: A Threat to Science and the Rule of Law 53:07 Read by Aurora Plomer
2nd St Cross Seminar MT11: Dr Margaret Yee 50:39 Read by Margaret Yee
Bio-ethics Bites: Onora O'Neill on Trust 18:14 Read by Onora O'Neill
2nd St Cross Special Ethics Seminar TT11: Museum Ethics 54:01 Read by Nick Mayhew
Making Good 3: Virtues, laws and consequentialism 1:07:03 Read by Philip Pettit
Making Good 2: Robust Demands and the Need for Law 1:04:03 Read by Philip Pettit
Making Good 1: Robust Demands and the Need for Virtue 1:00:21 Read by Philip Pettit
Human Rights vs Religion? 32:42 Read by Roger Trigg
Savulescu interview: Moral Enhancement 24:00 Read by Nigel Warburton and Julian Savulescu
Prioritarianism, Levelling Down and Welfare Diffusion 1:24:57 Read by Ingmar Persson and Derek Parfit
New Imaging Evidence for the Neural Bases of Moral Sentiments: Prosocial and Ant… 1:05:12 Read by Jorge Moll
Hug me daddy I hate you: the ethical challenges of a C21 business 48:56 Read by Mick Blowfield


21st c. Bioethics inc. eugenics, euthanasia, and much more

(5 stars)

Dense presentations, this one on medical bioethics, featuring fast talking scholars and policy wonks, from an Oxford think tank. Very nice companion to see next to all the historical works discussing social issues in which LibriVOX is so rich. Recommend looking at the TOC for you are sure to find an issue that grabs you, then play town and gown for a while. thanks LibriVOX!!