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"Pirates of Populonia"? The Myth of Etruscan Piracy in the Mediterranean - The S… 1:21:32 Read by Jean Turfa
The Don Fowler Lecture 2015: The Philosopher as Epic Hero: Augustan Poetry in Se… 40:40 Read by Catharine Edwards
Fragmentary Prose Authors in Athenaeus of Naucratis 56:06 Read by S. Douglas Olson
APGRD Lecture: Gwyneth Lewis on Clytemnestra 45:05 Read by Gwyneth Lewis
Oxford Classics and the wider world 13:28 Read by Mai Musié
Islam: Executioner or Heir of Antiquity 51:04 Read by Tom Holland
Studying Classical Gems - Classics Alumni Day 15th March 2014 27:47 Read by John Boardman
The Roman Empire's New Place in the World - Classics Alumni Day 15th March 2014 32:14 Read by Nicholas Purcell
Matters of Perception in Latin Poetry and Philosophy - Classics Alumni Day 15th … 19:58 Read by Tobias Reinhardt
Why Classical Reception - Classics Alumni Day 15th March 2014 27:16 Read by Fiona Macintosh
Grants for Schools Starting Classics - Classics Alumni Day 15th March 2014 19:39 Read by Nicholas Barber
Helen of Troy – myth or reality? 53:54 Read by Bettany Hughes
The Haynes Lecture 2014: Runes and Amber. The Etruscans as Mediators Between the… 1:03:49 Read by Larissa Bonfante and Bert Smith
Jonathan Kent in conversation with Fiona Macintosh 39:42 Read by Jonathan Kent and Fiona Macintosh
Classics Course II: Of Course It's For You 22:11 Read by Tim Whitmarsh
Adventures with Hercules 29:03 Read by Llewelyn Morgan
How to be Augustus: Escaping one's past 32:48 Read by Chris Pelling
To boldly go: Greek exploration from wife-eaters to counting cows 27:48 Read by Katherine Clarke
The Haynes Lecture 2011: Tombs and Palaces in Archaic Etruria and Latium 1:08:46 Read by Friedhelm Prayon and Bert Smith
The Gaisford Lecture 2011: The Reader in Greek Literature 48:06 Read by Thomas A Schmitz
Adapting Greek Tragedy 48:46 Read by Fiona Macintosh and Frank McGuinness
Reception of Classical Literature in the 20th Century 28:22 Read by Fiona Macintosh
Roman Comedy: A funny thing happened... 24:37 Read by Peter Brown
Oliver Taplin on Classics 25:44 Read by Oliver Taplin and Oliver Lewis