Literature, Art and Oxford

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University of Oxford Podcasts


The Craft and Cunning of Anglo-Saxon Verse 58:48 Read by Andy Orchard
Achebe and the African Writers Series 48:51 Read by James Currey, Becky Ayebia Clarke, Ruth Bush and Asha Rogers
Realism 45:51 Read by Catherine Brown
Walcott and Naipaul: History and Myth 53:28 Read by Catherine Brown
Brought to Book: Book History and the Idea of Literature 1:00:57 Read by Paul Eggert
The Hobbit at the Bodleian: World Book Day 11:43 Read by Judith Priestman
Philip Pullman: Lyra's Oxford, Bodleian Library Masterclass 54:59 Read by Phillp Pullman and Margaret Kean


very informative and a good lecture

(5 stars)