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The Rhetoric of 'The Roman Revolution' 1:06:42 Read by Christopher Pelling
Pakistan is a viable and not a failed state if...? 54:57 Read by Mehmood Khan Achakzai
The First Fall of the Roman Empire 1:06:00 Read by walter scheidel
Who buried the bodies? 43:50 Read by Kamila Shamsie
Janus: At the mirror wall 40:26 Read by romesh gunesekera
DNA USA: a genetic portrait of America 1:06:34 Read by Bryan Sykes
From Memory: Isaiah Berlin, Literary Encounters and Life-Stories 50:17 Read by Hermione Lee
In conversation with Steven Pinker 17:55 Read by Steven Pinker, Charumati Raghavan, Mengyin Jiang, Florence Enock and Raluca David
The better angels of our nature: A history of violence and humanity 1:00:58 Read by Steven Pinker
Living in a Quantum World 52:12 Read by Vlatko Vedral
Making Science Work 1:02:18 Read by Paul Nurse
"Bright Metal on a Sullen Ground": The idea of true character in English writing… 1:05:47 Read by Stella Tillyard
The real Jane Austen: A life in small things 37:08 Read by Paula Byrne
Man with a blue scarf: On sitting for a portrait by Lucian Freud 57:24 Read by Martin Gayford
Hidden Worlds: Art within Science 1:03:56 Read by Katalin Hausel, Mirja Koponen, Lizzie Burns, Paul Matthews, Angela Palmer and Henrietta Bowden-Jones
Freud's Impossible Life 48:14 Read by Adam Phillips
'Containing multitudes': writing about Pevsner 51:38 Read by Susie harries
The Sun King and his Court: from Rome to Versailles and back 1:04:09 Read by Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
Climate change and two concepts of liberty 38:14 Read by Myles Allen
Climate change: making the best use of scientific information 54:06 Read by Thomas Stocker
Why is climate change so difficult to understand? 58:47 Read by Carl Wunsch
The public and private ethics of climate change 55:56 Read by John Broome
Scholarship Opportunities at Wolfson 3:02 Read by Andrew Neil, Nicholas West and Bonnie Lander
"Oh, you liar, you storyteller": On Fibbing, Fact and Fabulation 57:10 Read by Michèle Roberts
The closest exit may be behind you 1:00:05 Read by Hisham Matar
Trying to do more good than harm in health care 1:02:16 Read by Iain Chalmers
Where may truth lie? Fiction in memory, memory in fiction 43:48 Read by Candia McWilliam
What can I say? Secrets in fiction and biography 1:03:21 Read by Alan Hollinghurst and Hermione Lee
The Work of Music: Music and Mathematics 1:03:38 Read by Timothy Gowers
The Work of Music: Music and Psychology 53:00 Read by Eric Clarke
All About His Mother: Reading Proust's Letters 52:39 Read by Michael Wood
Sir Anthony Caro in conversation with Tim Marlow 1:04:33 Read by Sir Anthony Caro and Tim Marlow
The contact zone: the creation of a Roman literature 51:11 Read by Denis Feeney
CLAROS - A virtual Greek and Roman Art collection 48:56 Read by Donna Kurtz and Sebastian Rahtz
Applied Logic 50:48 Read by Sir Tony Hoare
Empire, Empires, and the End of Antiquity 53:28 Read by Dame Averil Cameron
War and Civilization Series Lecture 4: War and Liberation 36:32 Read by Ian Buruma
War and Civilization Series Lecture 3: War and Pity 52:55 Read by Marina Warner
War and Civilization Series Lecture 2: War and Poetry 1:07:03 Read by Geoffrey Hill
War and Civilization Series Lecture 1: War and Finance 50:43 Read by Niall Ferguson
Acrylic Variations 5-8 18:58 Read by Mark Rowan-Hull, Neil Heyde and Christopher Regate
Acrylic Variations 1-4 18:03 Read by Mark Rowan-Hull, Neil Heyde and Christopher Regate
Correspondence: Performance, Visual Art and the Senses 25:17 Read by Mark Rowan-Hull
The East Side story: How executive uncertainty created an accession conditionali… 31:34 Read by Cristina Parau
The long hard road to democracy and social justice 31:02 Read by Tony Benn


fascinating, absorbing series of talks

(5 stars)

variety of talks, treating some complex aspects of the humanities from wide range of perspectives. Mostly academic, some humorous, all informative and absolutely NO use for sending a tired body to sleep - brain stirring stuff although some readers better than others