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Exile, refuge and the Greek polis: between justice and humanity 51:18 Read by Benjamin Gray
Migrants at Work: Immigration & Vulnerability in Labour Law (Book launch) 2:16:46 Read by ACL Davies, Julia O’Connell-Davison, Virginia Mantouvalou, Bernard Ryan, Brudget Anderson, Cathryn Costello and Alan Bogg
Refuge and protection in the late Ottoman Empire 43:24 Read by Dawn Chatty
Refugees and the Roman Empire 53:44 Read by Peter Heather
An afternoon on Syrian displacement, and protection in Europe (Part 2) 34:51 Read by Dawn Chatty, Cynthia Orchard and Andrew Miller
An afternoon on Syrian displacement, and protection in Europe (Part 1) 23:46 Read by Dawn Chatty, Maurice Herson and Roger Zetter
The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration studies [Book launch] 1:15:53 Read by Gil Loescher, Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Guy S Goodwin-Gill, Kirsten McConnachie, Nicholas Van Hear, Oliver Bakewell and Alexander Betts
The Ideal Refugees: Gender, Islam and the Sahwari Politics of Survivial [Book ev… 37:15 Read by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh
Governing Refugees: Justice, Order, and Legal Plauralism on the Thai-Burma Borde… 39:32 Read by Kirsten McConnachie
Forced Migration to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: Burden or Boon 45:46 Read by Her Royal Highness Princess Basma bint Talal
Love of women and a place in the world: romantic love and political commitment i… 44:54 Read by Jonny Steinberg
Sans Papiers: The Social and Economic Lives of Young Undocumented Migrants 49:47 Read by Nando Sigona and Roger Zetter
Inequality, immigration and refugee protection 54:55 Read by Katy Long
Citizenship revocation and the privilege to have rights 48:18 Read by Audrey Macklin
Migration and revolution (The Arab Uprisings – Part 3) 1:01:56 Read by Nando Sigona, Nicholas Van Hear, Philip Marfleet and Marta Bellingreri
Migration, transnationalism and social change (The Arab Uprisings – Part 2) 1:02:15 Read by Oliver Bakewell, Helene Thiollet, Nadia Bouras and Giulia Breda
The Syrian Crisis (The Arab Uprisings – Part 1) 1:08:14 Read by Dawn Chatty, Madeline V Garlick and Meltem Ineli Ciger
A lost generation? Education opportunities for Syrian refugee children in Lebano… 41:58 Read by Maha Shuayb
Panel 2: The role of artists and institutions in challenging popular narratives … 25:23 Read by Ahmet Öğüt, Aaron Cezar, Emily Fahlén and Jonas Staal
Ten Types of Arabic Calligraphy; Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the History o… 48:59 Read by Behnam al-Agzeer, Mulugeta Fikadu, Bridget Anderson, Carlos Cruz, Uvindu Kurukulasuriya, Geraldine Takundwa, Miriam Binsztok and Karin Waringo
The Silent University Visible Award Ceremony 2013 26:24 Read by Dawn Chatty, Matteo Luchetti, Judith Wielander, Andrea Zegna, Paolo Naldini and Ahmet Öğüt
The law and politics of non-entrée 39:12 Read by Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen
RSC 2014 Conference: Refugee Voices: Panel 3 – Refugees from Burma/Myanmar 38:37 Read by Matthew Wilch, Zo Tum Hmung and Victoria Jack
The politics of nation-building: making co-nationals, refugees, and minorities 47:03 Read by Harris Mylonas
Arbitrary detention of asylum seekers: a comparison of some recent practice from… 59:27 Read by Daniel Wilsher and Francesca Cancellaro
Solidarity and responsibility-sharing for refugee protection in the EU’s Common … 50:30 Read by Madeline Garlick
Weapons of mass migration: forced displacement, coercion and foreign policy 46:30 Read by Kelly M Greenhill
RSC 2014 Conference: Refugee Voices: Panel 22 – Statelessness: the Rohingya 1:07:38 Read by Tun Khin, Amal de Chickera and Maung Zarni
RSC 2014 Conference: Refugee Voices: Panel 18 – Refugees from Syria 1:05:42 Read by Cathrine Thorleifsson, Dina Jane Kiwan, Ruba Al Akash, Karen Boswall and Veronica Ferreri
RSC 2014 Conference: Refugee Voices: Panel 14 – Detention and deportation 1:46:41 Read by Louise Newman, Julian Caruana, Alexia Rossi, Devorah Wainer and Mollie Gerver
RSC 2014 Conference: Refugee Voices: Opening plenary – In search of solutions: r… 57:24 Read by Jeff Crisp
The rise and decline of a global security actor: UNHCR, refugee protection and s… 57:58 Read by Anne Hammerstad
Creation, imagination, speculation: age assessment and the asylum procedure 54:17 Read by Gregor Noll
The right to seek and obtain asylum under the African human rights system 46:43 Read by Chaloka Beyani
Three asylum paradigms 1:12:38 Read by Jean-François Durieux
The child in international refugee law 46:20 Read by Jason Pobjoy
Turning wrongful convictions into rights? Asylum seekers and the criminal law 57:17 Read by Ana Aliverti
At the end of the rainbow: where next for the LGBTI refugee? 1:09:22 Read by s. Chelvan
The price of rights: regulating international migration 50:15 Read by Martin Ruhs
Refugee rights: beyond the 1951 Convention 1:17:53 Read by Yakin Ertürk
Regional engagement and effective protection: the Australian way 59:26 Read by Susan Kneebone
Displacement from Syria: putting the Common European Asylum System to the test? 46:58 Read by Madeline V Garlick
Survival migration: failed governance and the crisis of displacement 53:02 Read by Alexander Betts
Family ties: remittances and support in Puntland and Somaliland 50:32 Read by Laura Hammond
Constitutionalism, ethnicity and minority rights in Africa: a legal appraisal fr… 31:46 Read by Jeremie Gilbert
Evidence about torture in the UK asylum system 51:55 Read by Toby Kelly
MapAction: Geospatial support for humanitarian disasters 1:00:23 Read by Roy Wood
Tracks Across Sand: the dispossession of the Khomani San of the southern Kalahar… 38:30 Read by Hugh Brody
Opportunities and risk: enacting socio-cultural transformation in refugee camps … 1:01:23 Read by Tania Kaiser
Here, man is nothing: Gendered tensions and male failed asylum seekers 46:02 Read by Melanie Griffiths
Access to protection and the limitations on extraterritorial border control: the… 36:55 Read by Roland Bank
Statelessness and citizenship: camps and the creation of political space 39:34 Read by Dr Victoria Redclift
A numbers game: counting refugees and international burden-sharing 42:11 Read by Alice Edwards
Refuge from Inhumanity: Panel VII Perspectives on Protection against Refoulement… 1:00:28 Read by Jennifer Moore, Guy Goodwin-Gill and Ruvi Ziegler
The Rohingya: a population facing violence, displacement, segregation, and state… 40:19 Read by Melanie Teff
Flocks without shepherds? Governmentality, sovereignty and the paradoxical polit… 52:26 Read by Simon Addison
Protection and the ICRC 1:02:34 Read by Pierre Gentile
Protection 52:14 Read by Guy S. Goodwin-Gill
Understanding Global Refugee Policy (Closing plenary) 1:28:51 Read by Filippo Grandi, Arafat Jamal and James Milner
Understanding Global Refugee Policy (Opening plenary) 43:10 Read by Guy S. Goodwin-Gill
The architecture of refugee protection 1:18:42 Read by Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar
Civic stratification and civil repair: the case of welfare and asylum 1:07:53 Read by Lydia Morris
The migrant and the (good) citizen: exclusion, failure, tolerance 45:26 Read by Bridget Anderson
Humanitarian Innovation Project: launch event 41:57 Read by Alexander Betts, Louise Bloom and Naohiko Omata
Deportation, non-deportability and precarious lives: the contemporary status-les… 52:08 Read by Nando Sigona
Ireland: forced migration history, forced migration empathy? 52:37 Read by Irial Glynn
Editing the IFRCs World Disasters Report 2012 59:44 Read by Roger Zetter
The citizenship market: trading identities in East Africa and the Great Lakes 55:07 Read by Dr Katy Long
Migration consequences of complex crises 36:19 Read by Ambassador William Lacy Swing
What is wrong with permanent alienage? 49:16 Read by Dr Kieran Oberman
Deportation, crime and the changing character of membership in the United Kingdo… 57:58 Read by Matthew J Gibney
Contemporary humanitarian action and the role of Southern actors: key trends and… 33:05 Read by Simone Haysom
Displacement, transitional justice and reconciliation: assumptions, challenges a… 34:50 Read by Megan Bradley
Transnational refugee law and the Common European Asylum System 45:41 Read by Helene Lambert
Accessing international protection in Europe: can EU policy be reconciled with E… 51:32 Read by Violeta Moreno-Lax
The perfect storm: the challenge of EU obligations on reception of asylum seeker… 38:58 Read by Elspeth Guild
The future of international cooperation on refugee protection 49:05 Read by Maria-Teresa Gil-Bazo
States, sovereignties and refugees: A view from the margins? 51:23 Read by Alessandro Monsutti
Unlocking Protracted Displacement of Refugees and IDPs: Policy overview 19:42 Read by Katy Long
Unlocking Protracted Displacement of Refugees and IDPs: Iraqi case 20:48 Read by Dawn Chatty and Nisrine Mansour
Unlocking Protracted Displacement of Refugees and IDPs: Welcome and Introduction 18:16 Read by Roland Schilling, Heloise Ruaudel and Roger Zetter
RSC Public Seminars 2012: Conceptualising Structure and Agency in Environmental … 49:22 Read by Hein de Haas
RSC Public Seminars 2012: Climate Change and Organisational Change in UNHCR and … 32:22 Read by Nina Hall
RSC Public Seminars 2012: Pre-Empting Race: climate change, migration and the fu… 38:45 Read by Andrew Baldwin
RSC Public Seminars 2012: Social Scientific Approaches to Equivocal Issue-Areas:… 50:16 Read by Calum Nicholson
RSC Public Seminars 2012: Seeing the Person in the Problem: a practitioner persp… 30:16 Read by Hannah Smith
RSC Public Seminars 2012: Migration as an Environmental Policy: pitfalls, opport… 44:18 Read by Francois Gemenne
RSC Public Seminars 2012: Environmental Displacement: and the Challenge of Right… 51:04 Read by Roger Zetter
RSC Public Seminars 2012: Environmental Displacement: future scenarios and modes… 51:57 Read by Brad Blitz
RSC Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture 2011: Waiting for solutions in uncertain times: … 52:42 Read by Filippo Grandi
RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: The resistance of the Erased: "You cannot fight the… 55:49 Read by Jelka Zorn
RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: Caribbean diasporas and statelessness 48:06 Read by Bridget Wooding
RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: The re-invention of the Kurdishness through the tra… 1:10:07 Read by Janroj Keles
RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: International Law and Statelessness in the 21st Cen… 54:01 Read by Laura van Waas
RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: Stateless diasporas and immigration and citizenship… 45:59 Read by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and Nando Sigona
Responding to protracted refugee situations: Lessons from a decade of discussion 58:09 Read by James Milner, Gil Loescher and Jeff Crisp
Annual Elizabeth Colson Lecture 2011: The vanishing truth of refugees 1:16:28 Read by Didier Fassin
RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: Negotiating local emplacement: the silent integrati… 47:36 Read by Oliver Bakewell
RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: Conflict and displacement in Southern Sudan 56:54 Read by Jon Bennett
RSC Wednesday Seminars 2011: Beyond conventional solutions to the refugee proble… 59:20 Read by Alessandro Monsutti