Interviews with Oxonians

University of Oxford Podcasts


Garr Reynolds on Presentations 20:10 Read by Garr Reynolds
David Smith on Dementia 25:50 Read by David Smith and Oliver Lewis
Peter McDonald on Censorship in South Africa 29:51 Read by Peter McDonald and Oliver Lewis
Peter McDonald on Literature 16:28 Read by Peter McDonald and Oliver Lewis
Obama's First 100 Days 27:35 Read by Desmond King and Orla De Burca
7 Keys to the Future 54:04 Read by Ray Hammond and Veronica Sartore
Peter Harrison on Science and Religion 22:31 Read by Peter Harrison and Oliver Lewis
Marc Stears on Radical Political Thought 28:16 Read by Marc Stears and Oliver Lewis
Bryan Ward-Perkins on the Fall of the Roman Empire 41:04 Read by Bryan Ward-Perkins and Oliver Lewis
Jennifer Lau on Anxiety and Depression in Children 19:13 Read by Jennifer Lau and Oliver Lewis
Gero Miesenboeck on Fruit Flies and Neuroscience 27:39 Read by Gero Miesenboeck and Oliver Lewis
Oliver Taplin on Classics 25:44 Read by Oliver Taplin and Oliver Lewis
Adrian Moore on Metaphysics 31:56 Read by Adrian Moore and Oliver Lewis
Irene Tracey on FMRI and Pain 44:03 Read by Irene Tracey and Oliver Lewis
Thomas Helleday on Cancer 26:46 Read by Thomas Helleday and Oliver Lewis
John Broome on Rationality 45:49 Read by John Broome and Oliver Lewis
Nick Bostrom on Global Catastrophic Risk and Simulation Theory 25:08 Read by Nick Bostrom and Oliver Lewis
Julian Savulescu on Applied Ethics and Human Enhancement 37:02 Read by Julian Savulescu and Oliver Lewis
Greg Kochanski on Phonetics 26:10 Read by Greg Kochanski and Oliver Lewis
Andrew Pollard on Vaccines and Immunisation of Children 36:37 Read by Andrew Pollard and Oliver Lewis
Roger Crisp on Aristotle's Ethics 20:15 Read by Roger Crisp and Oliver Lewis
Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds on Podcasting 22:34 Read by Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds and Oliver Lewis