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Stacking Ontologies: Mundane Technoscience in the Silk Mill 46:27 Read by Dimitris Papdopoulos
Obsessed by Love: Erotic Magic, Delirious Love and Female Power in Mozambique 40:30 Read by Christian Groes-Green
Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, the Anthropology of Dance: Same Difference? 48:10 Read by Andrée Grau
The Agency of Eating: Mediation, Food and the Body in Highland Ecuador 43:01 Read by Emma-Jayne Abbots
Lost objects, imaginary assemblages and the mass graves of the Spanish Civil War 52:47 Read by Layla Renshaw
On representation and power: portrait of a Vodun leader in present-day Benin 43:31 Read by Emmanuelle Kadya Tall
Moving the cracks: motorcycle taxis, politics and the fragility of power in Bang… 50:56 Read by Claudio Sopranzetti
Ecology of undernutrition and infection 56:38 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Biocultural approaches to Type 2 diabetes 54:37 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Obesity: epidemiology and biocultural factors 58:16 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
From Amazonian couvade to neo-couvade in cosmopolitan trends of co-parenting: a … 1:05:05 Read by Françoise Barbira-Freedman
Infant feeding and child health and survival in early twentieth-century England 48:29 Read by Alice Reid
Revisiting breastfeeding in light of the gift logic. Is a comparison of Gogo and… 50:25 Read by Mara Mabilia
How to protect your newborn from neonatal death: spirits and infant feeding prac… 36:48 Read by Sarah O'Neill
Bangladeshi women's experiences of infant feeding in Tower Hamlets 38:11 Read by Christine McCourt and Juliet Rayment
Breastpump technology and 'natural' motherly milk in Enlightenment France 37:35 Read by Margaret Carlyle
Hiring a wetnurse in seventeenth-century England 48:51 Read by Leah Astbury
Negotiating nutrition: from baby to toddler in the Peruvian Andes 43:41 Read by Bronwen Gillespie
Can there be an anthropology of religion? 52:07 Read by David Gellner
Cleaning up and moving on 1:00:43 Read by Catherine Alexander
Biosecurity practices in labs and museums: sentinels, simulation, stockpiling 57:20 Read by Frédéric Keck
Ways of speaking, ways of knowing 48:11 Read by Stephen Leonard
On forms of mental discipline and understanding of national psyche in contempora… 44:35 Read by Maja Petrović-Šteger
Martyrs, militants and emotions 51:09 Read by Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers
Water, human evolution and diet 38:27 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Marett Memorial Lecture 2014: How to capture the wow. Awe and the study of relig… 49:03 Read by Birgit Meyer
Choreographing lived experience: the stories that dancing bodies tell 45:07 Read by Rosie Kay and Karin Eli
Models, muddles and metaphors 56:43 Read by Elizabeth Ewart and Stanley Ulijaszek
Social anthropology of the arts: expression, genre and agency 1:08:16 Read by Caroline Potter, Ramon Sarró, Zuzanna Olszewska and Clare Harris
Intersections: an ethnography of everyday togetherness and intensified diversity… 59:03 Read by Mette Berg, Ben Gidley, Hiranthi Jayaweera and Ramon Sarró
Photo archives as historical resources: the Jeffrys and Dalrymple archives compa… 56:15 Read by Verkijika Fanso
Fifty years of Cameroon unification: controversies and archival echoes 47:58 Read by Verkijika Fanso
Inspirations for publications - ISCA Anthropology Book Launch 26:11 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek, Hélène Neveu-Kringelbach, Iain Morley, Mette Berg, Marisa Wilson and Elizabeth Ewart
'Native Life', or, Being outside the carbon imagery 52:53 Read by Elizabeth Povinelli
Inequality, insecurity and obesity 45:55 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Cultural understandings of roles and responsibilities in addressing obesity 45:36 Read by Emily Henderson
Culture and motivation: long distance running in Japan and the UK 1:00:03 Read by Emma Coleman-Jones and Mara Yamauchi
Intellectual property and informal economy: a commodity chain from China to Braz… 51:33 Read by Rosana Pinheiro-Machado
Claiming resources, honouring debts: miners, herders and the land masters of Mon… 47:17 Read by Rebecca Empson
Do not resuscitate orders in a UK hospital: an ethnography of the future-present 54:58 Read by Simon Cohn
The sharia as a vocation: Islam, law and civility in Lebanon 55:54 Read by Morgan Clarke
Victor Turner, anthropology and Christianity 49:45 Read by Timothy Larsen
Discovering 'justice': the magic of law in the Upper Amazon 50:52 Read by Harry Walker
The end of history? What follows the demographic transition? 56:01 Read by Chris Wilson
Political ecology of disease 52:47 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Disease transitions 48:07 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Generational change and continuity amongst British mothers 40:25 Read by Angela Davis
Contextualising the 'new parenting culture' 43:48 Read by Charlotte Faircloth
Caring and being cared for in north-western Amazonia 36:08 Read by Elizabeth Rahman
'Don't worry, you'll be a grandmother soon!' 51:50 Read by Robert Pralat
'I did not know how to tell my parents, so I thought I would have to have an abo… 35:26 Read by Ekaterina Hertog
Be(com)ing papa: kinship senescence and the ambivalent inward journeys of ageing… 44:20 Read by Adom Philogene Heron
Of untold riches and unruly homes: gender and property in neoliberal middle-clas… 57:56 Read by Henrike Donner
Diagnosing intolerance: knowledge practices in postsocialist Europe 55:21 Read by Dace Dzenovska
Experimenting with field experiments: moving the lab into the field in ethnograp… 46:53 Read by Dimitris Xygalatas
New York stories: the lives of other citizens 48:16 Read by Andrew Irving
The adoption of modern contraception in rural Ethiopia: a biocultural approach 42:42 Read by Alexandra Alvergne
Gift, sacrifice, and deadly rumours (3 May 2013) 55:14 Read by Julien Bonhomme
Geology, potentiality, speculation: on the indeterminacy of natural resources (1… 53:35 Read by Gisa Weszkalnys
Conceptualizing new age and neopagan ritual (17 May 2013) 41:15 Read by Michael Houseman
Brazilian serialities: imagining persons (24 May 2013) 51:05 Read by Joao de Pina-Cabral
Dorr-e Dari (The Pearl of Dari): An Ethnography of Poetry as a Social Practice a… 56:10 Read by Zuzanna Olszewska
Provocations for digital anthropology (30 May 2013) 23:48 Read by David Zeitlyn
Looking forward looking back (18 May 2013) 48:08 Read by David Zeitlyn
Alternative Utopias and the Crisis of Imagination (20 June 2013) 35:55 Read by Alexander Kiossev
Divine kingdoms in the western Himalayas 47:23 Read by William Sax
Capital's new frontier 47:18 Read by Catherine Dolan
Re-making the dead, uncertainty and the torque of human materials in northern Zi… 47:06 Read by Joost Fontein
Unexplored agencies: the case of Donna Sebastiana 50:23 Read by Carlo Severi
Re-thinking 'Untamed Thoughts' Fifty Years On 1:04:07 Read by Laura Rival
Synchrony and Similiarity in Human Cooperation 1:03:56 Read by Emma Cohen
The Evolution of Human Egalitarianism 50:36 Read by Frank Marlowe
Digital Heritage Technologies and Issues of Community Engagement and Cultural Re… 1:00:04 Read by Mike Rowlands
Scientists as Abstainers 51:22 Read by Matei Candea
City Dwelling and the Cultures of Migrant Urbanism 53:35 Read by Michael Keith
The Biography of the Holy Ghost 54:37 Read by Ramon Sarró
The Ethnographic Dream 52:58 Read by Katherine Swancutt
Learning that emerges in 'Times of Trouble' 50:04 Read by Joy Hendry
Epidemiological crises, epistemological divisions 52:20 Read by Marta Hanson
Collective Effervescence as Embodied Intoxication 42:22 Read by Philip Mellor
Reflections on geneticisation 55:19 Read by Paul Martin
Everyday aesthetics in forced displacement 1:01:32 Read by Sandra Dudley
Sweetness and Light 49:52 Read by Ann G Gold
Negotiating Space, Buying Time 52:06 Read by Michael Herzfeld
What Shan ethnography can tell us about Theravada Buddhism 55:11 Read by Nicola Tannenbaum
Conflict in the Plural 57:06 Read by Jonathan Spencer
Opportunistic violence and the impossibility of intimacy 38:14 Read by Dhana Hughes
Neighbouring China in Northern Nepal 45:03 Read by Martin Saxer
Marett Memorial Lecture 2012: Anthropologists and the Bible 48:46 Read by Adam Kuper
Altruism in cyberspace? 58:26 Read by Elinor Bastin
Beyond globalisation and localisation 45:01 Read by Holger Jebens
The 'down side' of assisted reproductive technologies 48:11 Read by Soraya Tremayne
Meat and Health 43:32 Read by Peter Scarborough
Brain microcircuits in champanzees and humans 48:39 Read by Stephen Chance
Venom, pollinators and parasites 51:40 Read by Anna Nekaris
Extreme climatic events as drivers of early human behaviour in Africa? 35:53 Read by Sallie Burrough
How niche construction affects inheritance systems in human evolution 48:57 Read by John Odling-Smee
Implementing a Research Culture in the NHS. Medical Anthropology at Oxford 52:05 Read by Olivier Bazin
The self-management of misfortune by use of amulets and charms. Ethnicity and Id… 54:46 Read by Eric Edwards
There is no such thing as Dian cuisine. Anthropology Departmental Seminar 49:59 Read by Jakob Klein