Obesity and Diabetes

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Obesity and diabetes are increasingly a burden in modern populations, and whilst the contributions of our lifestyles are well-known, other aspects of the conditions are less clear. Our podcasts on diabetes and obesity highlight the work of our scientists and clinicians to understand the underlying factors of lifestyle and metabolism, molecular and genetic mechanisms, and less common forms of diabetes, to improve management and treatment of these conditions.


Diabetes in Young Adults 5:13 Read by Katherine Owen
Diabetes and Genomics 8:00 Read by Mark McCarthy
Personalised Diabetes Treatment 5:43 Read by Stephen Gough
Liver Fat Metabolism 7:28 Read by Leanne Hodson
Metabolism of Fatty Acids 4:45 Read by Barbara Fielding
Genetics and Diabetes 4:22 Read by Anna Gloyn
Diabetes and Insulin Secretion 7:43 Read by Patrik Rorsman
Obesity and Diabetes 5:36 Read by Fredrik Karpe



(4 stars)

My Granny got diabetes sivthis helped