First World War Poetry Digital Archive

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New Perspectives 1: Georgians and Others 17:08 Read by Stuart Lee
From Owen's Doomed Youth, to his doomed youth 1:00:00 Read by Jean Moorcroft Wilson
From Mametz Wood to The General 1:00:00 Read by Jean Moorcroft Wilson
The Last Phase 36:25 Read by Max Egremont
Alisa Miller: 'Selling Patriotism: Rupert Brooke in the First World War' 37:08 Read by Alisa Miller
Tim Kendall: 'Ivor Gurney: First War Poet' 24:18 Read by Tim Kendall
An interview with Colin Hughes 21:26 Read by Colin Hughes and Alun Edwards
WW1 Poetry Digital Archive Project 6:47 Read by Kate Lindsay
War Cemeteries 10:41 Read by Everett Sharp, Kate Lindsay and Alun Edwards
Kate Lindsay Interview 5:09 Read by Kate Lindsay
Trench Warfare 13:32 Read by Everett Sharp
Poetry Tour - London (2) 21:43 Read by Stuart Lee
Teaching WW1 Literature: Andrea Peterson 17:47 Read by Andrea Peterson
Teaching WW1 Literature: Vivien Noakes 16:37 Read by Vivien Noakes
Teaching WW1 Literature: Meg Crane 14:28 Read by Meg Crane
Teaching WW1 Literature: Jon Stallworthy 26:49 Read by Jon Stallworthy
Richard Holmes interview 1:05:13 Read by Richard Holmes
Poetry Tour - London (1) 25:57 Read by Stuart Lee
Max Arthur Interview 18:42 Read by Max Arthur
Ian Hislop interview 27:09 Read by Ian Hislop