Museum of the History of Science

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The Oxford Philosophical Society and the Royal Society: a meeting of minds? 41:22 Read by Anna Marie Roos
Who's to Blame for the Weather? 1:02:22 Read by Myles Allen
Body Clocks, Sleep and Light 1:07:16 Read by Russell Foster
The Invention of Clouds 58:56 Read by Richard Hamblyn
Stormy Weather: Exploring Atmospheres in the Outer Solar System 55:58 Read by Leigh Fletcher
Decimalising Time: Calendar and Clocks in the French Revolution 52:13 Read by Matthew Shaw
Mercator: The Man who Mapped the Planet 55:46 Read by Nicholas Crane
Simon Forman: astrology, Medicine and Quackery in Elizabethan England 54:32 Read by Lauren Kassell
From Alligator Wrestling to Fossil Skeletons: Scientific Eccentricity in the Ear… 48:14 Read by Vicky Carroll
Crackpots and Eggheads: Eccentricity in Natural History 54:02 Read by Brian Regal
Al-Mizan: Astrolabes in Cultural Context 52:10 Read by Silke Ackermann
Al-Mizan: Mapping the Earth in Medieval Islam 56:36 Read by Emilie Savage Smith
Interview: Peter Scott on Marconi and Radio Manufacturing 16:39 Read by Peter Scott and Jim Bennett
Radio Manufacturing in the Interwar Years 56:40 Read by Peter Scott
The Museum of the History of Science: An Introduction 2:49 Read by Jim Bennett
Einstein's Blackboard 3:37 Read by Jim Bennett
Steampunk Exhibition 2:48 Read by Jim Bennett
Telescopes Now Lecture 4: The Pierre Auger Observatory 1:11:27 Read by Alan Watson
Telescopes Now Lecture 3: The Gemini Telescopes 1:04:22 Read by Roger Davies
Telescopes Now Lecture 2: Jodrell Bank, the Lovell Telescope and e-MERLIN 1:11:52 Read by Phil Diamond
Telescopes Now Lecture 1: The William Herschel and the Hubble telescopes 1:22:26 Read by Alexander Boksenberg


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It is amazing that there are so many things and facts about the world and

The story is very interesting for me

(5 stars)