Great Writers Inspire

(4.3 stars; 19 reviews)

University of Oxford Podcasts


Oscar Wilde's Women 16:24 Read by Sophie Duncan
Great Writers Inspire Great Writing 9:23 Read by Alex Pryce
Julian Thompson on Rudyard Kipling 20:23 Read by Julian Thompson
Julian Thompson on Sir Walter Scott 18:14 Read by Julian Thompson
Shakespeare and Voice 8:14 Read by Linda Gates
What is a Classic? English Graduate Conference 2012 Panel Debate, Talk 3 13:02 Read by Helena Kennedy
What is a Classic? English Graduate Conference 2012 Panel Debate, Talk 2 6:09 Read by Judith Luna
What is a Classic? English Graduate Conference 2012 Panel Debate, Talk 1 19:27 Read by Ankhi Mukherjee
Dickens's Points of View 30:12 Read by Jon Mee
Jane Austen's Manuscripts Explored 9:31 Read by Kathryn Sutherland
The Watsons: Jane Austen Practising 27:07 Read by Kathryn Sutherland
Great Writers Inspire- An Introduction to the Project 0:46 Read by Joshua Carr
What is a Great Writer? An academic panel discusses the question. 48:07 Read by Seamus Perry, Margaret Kean, Peter McDonald, Ankhi Mukherjee and Rebecca Beasley
Julian Thompson on Wilkie Collins 17:06 Read by Julian Thompson
Chaucer 14:01 Read by Daniel Wakelin
Ezra Pound 15:10 Read by Rebecca Beasley
Mary Leapor 12:38 Read by Jennifer Batt
John Milton 18:31 Read by Anna Beer
The Lure of the East: the Oriental and Philosophical Tale in Eighteenth-Century … 13:05 Read by Ros Ballaster
Only Collect: An Introduction to the World of the Poetic Miscellany 13:42 Read by Abigail Williams
Why Dickens? 10:26 Read by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst
J.M. Coetzee 12:57 Read by Peter McDonald
Olive Schreiner 11:21 Read by Elleke Boehmer
Katherine Mansfield and Rhythm Magazine 20:28 Read by Faith Binckes
George Eliot - A Very Large Brain 11:08 Read by Catherine Brown
William Blake 12:28 Read by David Fallon
18th Century Labouring Class Poetry 10:28 Read by Jennifer Batt
Jonathan Swift and the Art of Undressing 11:17 Read by Abigail Williams
Beowulf 12:37 Read by Francis Leneghan
Shakespeare and the Stage 15:18 Read by Tiffany Stern


Interesting Lectures

(3.5 stars)

The only complaints about this collection of lectures is that some of them had technical issues. The lecture about the feminist poet had audio repeat from about mid point on, and we never get the whole lecture. Another one was very quiet, and I had to turn my phone volume almost to max in order to hear it. (I'm sorry, I basically binge listened so now I've forgotten which one it was, although I can tell you the voice sounded like an older man. I got totally lost in listening after adjusting the volume, and the specific lecture that it happened in is gone out of my mind.) Some of the lecturers also kind of talked a lot, but said very little, which I suppose should be expected from a group of lecturers speaking on great literature. I particularly liked the several lecturer long look into what makes a classic. It really made me think about other works of art, and what would make those works a classic. Overall, I recommend it.

(5 stars)

Short, succinct, interesting talks about well known and little known authors. Excellent speakers Informative and enjoyable.