The Mask of Inanna

Read by Alicia E. Goranson

(4.7 stars; 9 reviews)

The world isn’t kind to dreamers.

Like any boy of the radio era, Leonard Allen dreamed of hitting big in New York and Hollywood; to write or host that one big show that would make everyone notice. Even after he had his chance at both, that dream still burns inside him. He’s always been able to spark the divine somewhere in his work. And he’s been noticed.

He doesn’t know the lengths people will go to take advantage of such gifts. So when the mysterious David Lewis asked him finish his classic radio drama “After Dark” after a half-century from a pirate radio station in a New England lighthouse, Len didn’t realize it wasn’t as simple as that. The truth is that Lewis served a more powerful entity than even public opinion: the goddess Inanna, Sumerian patron of love and war both.

Sometimes, a god wants a sacrifice. Sometimes, a god wants praise and devotion. But the most fickle, and the most dangerous, are those who demand a show.

Journey into the creative mind of award-winning author Alicia Goranson, as she explores the nature of power and those who covet it in a genre-busting work that blends classic fifties radio drama, tense, paranoia-fueled thrillers, and the intimate knowledge born of a career working behind-the-scenes in the performing arts. Marvel at a stunning collection of award-winning stage actors, the Post-Meridian Players, as they provide the voice and heart to a cast of over thirty. Follow Allen and Lewis as their ideological conflict threatens to consume their friends and family, a battle neither can yield.

Is magic simply a tool, or a living thing to be respected? Does man have a right to make demands of the gods? What lengths would you go to for the power to protect what you love? Whatever you believe, don’t get caught out After Dark, in THE MASK OF INANNA.

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(5 stars)

Absolutely wonderful production the cast and crew are top notch and characters are likeable and well developed and the story is great fun with a sci fi/mystery twist if your a cbs/old time radio fan you will really enjoy this or even if you just enjoy quality audio books 5 stars recommended 👍💜✌ review by Darcy

(0 stars)

Everyone, please give a major shout of praise and gratitude to Neil Marsh and The Post-Meridian Radio Players (PMRP) for their significant efforts in making this production a reality. The original concept for The Mask of Inanna was a treatment long-time nurtured by the prolific and supportive Artistic Director of ...

(0 stars)

I listened to this story on its original feed. I was very impressed from the beginning; I'd say this is easily one of the 10 best audio dramas on Podiobooks. I especially like the story-with-a-story-within-a-story format. The modern story is a frame for the historical story, and the historical story ...

(0 stars)

“Don’t be caught out After Dark.” These words are the end of an early radio show that is brought in to the future in the most interesting way, as a prayer to the goddess Inanna, for soldiers’ safety in Iraq. It is told in a way that takes you to ...

(0 stars)

Production: This is an audio drama that’s split between audio formats and time periods. Part of the production, the “real” story is as crisp as you could ask for. The parts that are “broadcast” over the radio have the sorts of artifacts you’d expect. It really is quite clever and ...

(0 stars)

This story really drew me in and held my attention! The Post-Meridian Players were all fabulous. :) I'm really looking forward to anything they or Alicia E. Gronsen do aftet this.

(5 stars)

Well read and original, one of those stories where you don't quite know exactly what's happening right until the end :) loved it. The fact

(0 stars)

In my opinion one of the best books on podiobooks. Strongly recommend to everybody. Engaging plot, interesting characters and foremost AWESOME production!!!