Secret Sidewalk

Read by Tom Lichtenberg

(3.9 stars; 8 reviews)

Beauregaard Sweet became invisible, but his troubles began when he suddenly reappeared. Now everybody wants something from him. Manny the mechanic wants his wife. Sharad LeMaster wants his secret. Emma Biggs wants another shot at the TV news, the leaders of the Four Tribes want to send him back to wherever it was he'd gone, and all he wants to do is eat some donuts and watch reality TV. 'Secret Sidewalk' tells the tale as 11 year old Marcus tries to talk his little brother Ben to sleep on a hot summer night. (cover art by interhuss designs)

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Episode 1 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
Episode 2 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
Episode 3 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
Episode 4 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
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(0 stars)

Wow, the imagination that it took to conceive all of this was unbelievable. I was blown away by how all the different parts worked together, and in so short a novel! This was an amazing piece of work.

(3.5 stars)

Was ok but kind of weird. I liked the strangeness but I didn't enjoy the bad language it was just unnecessary.