Time Zone

Read by Tom Lichtenberg

(3.8 stars; 18 reviews)

This is not your father's time travel. There's no machine, there is no dial. There's no telling where or when you'll go. The only thing that can change is you. It will make you what it needs to make you, to fit you in, to make it work. And when you come back, that is if you come back, it won't be the same you at all. You're messing with the nature of things, and the nature of things does not like to be messed with, as Garrett Ronson and his friends find out, the hard way.

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Episode 1 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
Episode 2 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
Episode 3 Read by Tom Lichtenberg
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Very Confusing :/

(1.5 stars)

The concept of this story is very unique and interesting. But it left me scratching my head. I listened to 2 chapters and then had to stop. It was just too confusing, jumping from one scene to another scene that doesn’t relate to the current story. Also, there doesn’t seem to be much of a plot. Overall: interesting concept, but confusing portrayal.

(0 stars)

the story just went nowhere realy slowly.I agree with the last guy ..no hooks . maybee its a audio book thing but a good strong hook up front can hold you till the senario is set up and this book just was too long in the setting up i think ...

(0 stars)

Thanks for giving it a try and taking the time to comment. I've always liked time travel stories too. It struck me that we generally insist that impossible things (like time travel) follow their certain rules (ghosts have to haunt, zombies want to eat human flesh rather than take in ...

(0 stars)

While I can see why this story wouldn't work for some I'm always on the lookout for something different, and this was certainly that. I liked it, a lot. One listen is probably not enough to take everything in, so I've ordered the paperback and look forward to seeing the ...

Book without a plot

(1 stars)

The true title of this book should be wasted time not time zone. Very slow book, the characters do not relate to one another and I am still, after finishing it, unable to figure out what the plot of the whole book is.

(0 stars)

I found the departure from standard narrative flow quite enjoyable and suited to the subject. I rather enjoy when a book makes me pay attention to follow the story. The ending was particularly strong, leaving me excited and thinking. I love a good ending.

(0 stars)

Gave it nearly two episodes, gave up in frustration. No "hooks" for me to understand what was going on. In a work this short, that needs to be plenty of time. Sorry, maybe next time...

(0 stars)

Author's note: My description may be lacking. This is not a normal beginning-middle-end kind of thing. It's more of a puzzle, a riddle of change, addiction and compulsion.