Roses of Winter

Read by Murdo Morrison

(4.7 stars; 8 reviews)

They had been through one World War and a Great Depression. Now they faced another global conflict. Share the adventures of the Burns and McIntyre families in World War 2 Scotland.

Follow the lives of four strong women as they strive to keep their families together while their men are at war. Sail with the men into hazardous scenes of action as they deal with the conflicting moods and emotions brought by constant danger. Roses of Winter recreates the experience of living through the world's greatest conflict as the characters seek to survive and imagine a future. Discover along with them that even in the winter of wartime flowers may yet bloom.

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Roses of Winter is a story I felt compelled to write. It was inspired in part by the real-life experiences of several family members who lived in Glasgow, Scotland and served in the British merchant navy during World War 2. More importantly, I wanted to document a time, place and ...

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I really loved this book. It was very well written and did take me to where you wanted me to go. I think that it is good that you want to perserve the memory of the people who suffered. Things have changed so much since then and it makes me ...

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As a new listener I have been intrigued with this story of individual families and their lives during WWII. Even though I was a child during this time, the personal insight into lives of those who were so brutally affected has made History come alive for me. Thank you for ...

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The sequel to Roses of Winter, The Taste of Dust, is now available at It can also be read as a standalone story. If you are curious about what happened after the end of the first book The Taste of Dust will tell you. Visit the book's website at ...

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I listened to this as an excellent audio Podiocast read by the author. I loved the added sound effects of the ships and the original war time radio broadcasts. Roses of Winter gave me a deep insight and understanding of the impact of World War II on the Scottish people. ...

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Abbie, thank you for the kind words about Roses of Winter.I am so glad that you liked the sound effects. It was my hope that they might make the story feel more real for listeners. As much as possible I tried to track down original sounds, including, as you note, ...

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Thank for listening to Roses of Winter and for the positive comments. I am writing a sequel, which is about 75% complete. Of course recording it, if I decide to embark on that onerous task again, would take quite a while.


(5 stars)

The character development, the action of the war, the details of life were all designed to draw me in and they did. I looked forward each day to my time with my book. Amazingly entertaining,.