The Takeover

Read by Mur Lafferty

(3.8 stars; 120 reviews)

If you've ever worked with corporate zombies, then you've experienced The Takeover. Web designer Maureen and her friends struggle to adapt to their new work environment as coworkers from Zombinc, the zombie staffing company, come to work with them. Language barriers, arguments over the contents of the work fridge, and what a "promotion" really means are all addressed in this "Shaun of the Dead" meets "The Office" audiodrama.

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My previous review

(5 stars)

My review was posted 7-2018. I found Mur’s book by accident. It’s worth digging around in the book reviews & related books. Also if searching by name look into the list of books & read the reviews other people leave, sometimes they will mention titles of books they like. Or names of books in a series. JSmith & no name one star. UR review shows U have no sense of humor.

(0 stars)

This was a HOOT! Listened straight thru on a road trip and now I can't get the music out of my head. I keep humming "...all we wanna do is eat your brains..." This was right on target and I almost wet myself laughing about the bumper boats and teambuilding ...

(0 stars)

I enjoy this audio book very much. As someone who DOESN'T know any of the people associated with this or any of Ms. Lafferty's productions, I can honestly say, I find the writing amusing and the music catchy! I catch my self singing the opening song all the time. I, ...

(0 stars)

This was hystarical! I loved how you brought over other authors! J.C. Hutchins is one of my favs and now I see why he talks about you in his podcasts! This book nailed my "Office" funny bone! Great job. Recommending this book to everyone!

Alrighty Then

(4 stars)

You don't need to work in an office in the middle of a takeover to appreciate this story but it does add to the flavour! Dead-on corporate hijinks. Thanks for lightening up my afternoon.

So funny

(5 stars)

Mur does it again, I love her shambling guides books at audio books too love your work, fresh funny unpredictable, thanks mur loved everything on here and audio so far more more more please.

All we want to do is eat your brains...

(3.5 stars)

A half decent story, albeit short, with a catchy tune. Well put together and worth a listen, without being mind blowing.

(0 stars)

Laugh out loud funny. Not recommended for public transport as you will appear an idiot. Mur has assembled a stellar cast, and the writing is bright and witty.