Nephilim Push

Read by Brian Holtz

(4.4 stars; 233 reviews)

In the beginning a dark hatred ruled the heavens. It was a rage that bred floods, giants, and Hell itself. It's power yet lingers between us all, watching and waiting. Three distinct timelines document the origins of good and evil, a sadistic cult leader and a man who unwittingly finds himself in the middle of a war for all existence. As the stories converge discovery gives way to tribulation. Truth unfolds in unspeakable horror.
Travel out of body on a nightmare of astral proportions. Welcome to Nephilim Push.

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Not bad.

(4.5 stars)

This review will not include criticizing the author or the work of this free audio book. The story line was creative & had a decent layer of metaphysical, religious, ethics, horror, physics & character development. The author obviously has lived in a cold climate as revealed by little descriptions only a person who has suffered through northern winters would know, like almost being killed by the snow plow driver....which has happened to me several times. What he lacks in reading aloud finesse he makes up for with the steady, constant timber of his narration. This is a free book which we all appreciate due to the huge amount of time & effort that goes into writing, reading, editing, looking for distribution & promoting. There are always several trolls that feel the need to review these books like they are in a "Great works collection" or whine about the language within. Save it for God's sake. Thank you to the writer & reader.

Very intriguing, absolutely gripping

(4 stars)

What an amazing piece. I listened to this book to its entirety. I hated even turning it off to go into work or elsewhere. Great job Brian! Love the topic of astral projection and the idea that the world around us is WAY more than physical. Thanks for taking the time to write this and I will look forward to more books! Regards

I'm not finished but I'm loving it so much!

(5 stars)

I love this audiobook so much! It's so different subject wise. I'm also enjoying the narration, I don't agree with the other reviews about it. I've heard a lot of bad narrations on this app and this most definitely isn't one. The story is so intriguing and I'm really loving his spin on the David and Goliath story.


(5 stars)

This excellently written and narrated story lacks nonbinary protagonist BIPOCs engaged in gay orgies. This makes an otherwise awesome audiobook, problematic. Only listen to this if you want to listen to an excellent story, read by an excellent narrator. Or in other words only listen to this if you are a Nasi. Any tale not revolving around the oppression of BIPOCs by white malez is RAYCYST.

(0 stars)

This is really a fantastic piece of work. Everything about it has been done so exceptionally well that Just can't fault it. Worse/better, the story had such depth and dimension, I was left pondering the concepts behind this weird alternate world for sometime. It is an strangely disturbing tale not ...

(0 stars)

Easily top 5 for me. Great story, nice character development, what a great view of a hard to breach subject. I found myself empathizing with Jack on many levels. It was quite easy to get lost in this story! Can’t wait for #2 (if there is one) or another entry ...

(0 stars)

I found the overall story interesting and basically enjoyed it. I did have a problem with some technical details such as God being a weakened powerless entity much like an elderly man, and chants or spells spoken from a book have more power than anything. It seems to me that ...

(0 stars)

Overall, I thought that the story line was good. I would recommend to the author that he hire a narrator for future works. Although he has a fine voice with rich tone he reads without emotion. The flatness was exacerbated by the simple prose found throughout the story. There were ...