A Long Way from Disney - Part II

Read by Seth Harwood

(4.2 stars; 8 reviews)

In the second season of A Long Way from Disney, an older (and perhaps wiser) Adam Berkman deals with his own series of relationships, love, marriage, and the ever-difficult question of what does one do with his or her life. It's about decisions now, not just fun in the twenties. Boston, New York, and the middle of the Midwest are backdrops to the stories here.

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Seth’s stories are OUTSTANDING

(5 stars)

One of the best author & performers I’ve enjoyed listening too. Especially Seth’s Jack Palms action podcast series. LibriVox is the app. I accidentally found Seth’s podiobooks here! Some are on iTunes. Thank you for sharing your audiobooks with us.

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Really enjoyed the stories, they are so different from your Jack Palms series. Frankly they are pretty unique to Podiobooks in general, nobody else has anything close to these sets of stories. Really reminds me of Paul Harvey and The Rest of the Story.

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Sorry Evo I'm still having a problem with ep6 it says authorisation is needed to access. I tried your problem reporting site thingy but its just too many hoops to jump thru. It wants a password and I cant remember it.

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Hi There: The latest added chapter link ("tattoed people") is not working :(. Please fix. I'm thoroughly enjoying your work!!

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This is a wonderful collection of short story's. Thank you Seth Harwood, a great job, well done.

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Amanda, Looks like Seth didn't name his file appropriately. I've corrected it. E.

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Thanks so much, Evo. I luv you!! :D