The Difficult Task of Loving Atheists

Read by Vic Zarley

(1.6 stars; 9 reviews)

In 2006, the author found the newly released Richard Dawkins’ book, The God Delusion at the library. Shaking his head in disbelief that anyone could think there is no God, he felt God impressing him to go through the book, writing what he thought would be a rebuttal, point by point. Both the author and his wife found Dawkins' words to be full of arrogance, often foolish sounding from the Christian point of view and predictably closed-minded. Yet, the author yearned to understand the mindset of such a man as Dawkins and had a deep burden in his heart for Dawkins’ soul.

This work is a journal of the thoughts and emotions of the author as he endured the painful and frustrating process of toiling through The God Delusion.

Though it was originally meant to be a rebuttal to The God Delusion, the author quickly realized there are brilliant Christian apologists and sharp men and women in Dawkins’ own field who are far more adept at arguing on Dawkins’ level. So the author found himself leaning more toward putting Christian principles into practice as a far better way of reaching atheists. If the book seems contradictory in message, it is because that was often the frame of mind of the author as he went through Dawkins’ book, which he felt was offensive and disrespectful toward Christians. The God Delusion took the author on a roller coaster ride where he was torn between anger at Dawkins' words and love for his soul. Hence the title, The Difficult Task of Loving Atheists.

Produced and narrated by Vic Zarley.

Special thanks to Kevin Macleod for the theme music, "Netherworld Shanty". Cover image photography by Thomas Sutton.

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(0 stars)

OK... I tried to listen to this Podiobook. I really did. And I resolved, before-hand, that I would listen without preconceptions... and I did that. But here's the thing... it is so painfully, toxically, droolingly, malignantly STUPID as to be cringe-worthy. I found myself being EMBARRASSED on behalf of HUMANITY... ...

(0 stars)

And why would you believe it's a hypothesis? That doesn't even make sense. It's widely accepted that evolution is a theory by most of the scientific community... you know, the folks that would actually know what they are talking about? You like to google things... here's one for ya: ...

(0 stars)

"I believe evolution is a hypothesis." Sorry, but that's not subject to belief. It is a theory. "I am not a scientist but there are plenty of them on the side of creationism to refute evolution." Find one published, peer reviewed, scientific paper in support of creationism or intelligent design. ...

(0 stars)

I have listened to about an hour and that is all I care to listen to. There is nothing wrong with the book except that it was advertised as a scholary rebuttal to Dawkins. There is nothing about this in the book. He does not even mention Dawkins writings in ...

(0 stars)

Commentors: The link you probably found to get here said "Discuss this book". Please make sure you are discussing the book. Also, ad hominem attacks are against the rules, so be careful. I'll agree that the book is contentious. So please -- contend. But be nice. And discuss the concepts ...

(0 stars)

Evo, Thanks. As you'll see from my comments, I tried to make my discussion about the book and the author's perspective in writing it. Having said that I can also say - as someone who listened to the book - that the subsequent threads speak directly to Vic's thesis. The ...

(0 stars)

Don't be discouraged--I'm glad that the author has left this book up, although I'm also glad that (as far as I can tell) the description was adjusted to make the book's intent a bit clearer. I'm impressed with the author's unfailing politeness.


(1 stars)

it is a bit mundane and condescending to the people of the world who choose to question things. this book is designed for idiots