Friendly Fairies

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Friendly Fairies is a popular book by Johnny Gruelle who is known as the creator of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. Listen to fifteen captivating stories which will carry away you and your children to the world of fairy tales. - Summary by ShiNeko (1 hr 47 min)


The Three Little Gnomes 8:29 Read by Bridget Herbes
The Happy Rattle 7:20 Read by larryhayes7
Recipe for a Happy Day 5:28 Read by Jacqui Castle
Grandfather Skeeter-Hawk's story 7:27 Read by larryhayes7
Crow Talk 8:18 Read by larryhayes7
The Fairy Ring 7:20 Read by Jacqui Castle
Mr. and Mrs. Thumbkins 6:13 Read by BettyB
The Old Rough Stone and the Gnarled Tree 4:20 Read by larryhayes7
Sally Migrundy 12:58 Read by Danny Wacorngler
How Johnny Cricket Saw Santa Claus 7:06 Read by BettyB
The Twin Sisters 8:21 Read by Kathleen Moore
Little Thumbkin's Good Deed 5:17 Read by Nicholas Hill
The Wishbone 5:16 Read by Danny Wacorngler
Tim Tim Tamytam 7:48 Read by Molly Lynn
A Change of Coats 5:24 Read by Kalynda